Alan Munde Gazette

Alan Munde Gazette


Legendary Banjo player Alan Munde has gathered a new batch of top notch players and formed the Alan Munde Gazette. Recent TRACK BY TRACK airplay on XM Radio has created quite a buzz about the new CD. Great musicans, great material, and workshop pros, Book a "festival favorite" now.


Alan Munde, long regarded as one of the world's foremost 5-string banjo players, has returned as a bluegrass band leader.

Joining Alan in The Alan Munde Gazette are some of the finest pickers and singers in the Southwest - Elliott Rogers, Bill Honker, Steve Smith, and Nate Lee.

The music they produce is just what you'd expect from this group of talented, creative, and experienced musicians - stellar instrumentation, a mixture of traditional and original material, and some of the best harmony singing you'll hear anywhere - all driven by air-tight rhythm and Alan's trademark banjo playing.

The band brings you true bluegrass music with heart and soul, delivered in a powerful, straight-ahead style which is both compelling and entertaining.


Wave Goodbye

Written By: Elliott Rogers

Wave Goodbye
Bluegrass Catagory
1455 Rolling Oaks Driftwood Tx 78619

There’s ½ mile freight train rolling down that line
I guess I’ve heard that whistle blow about 100 times
Next time I’ll be on board and I won’t look back
And I’ll wave goodbye to Georgia from that old smokestack

Well, the first time I heard that lonesome whistle whine
I felt something move down in me very deep inside
I tried to work for them but they turned me down
So if I cannot work em I’ll just hobo round
Haul back your covers honey let me in
Let me prove to you that I’m your loving man
I’ll show how good I’ll treat you each and every day
But when I hear that whistle baby I’m on my way

The whistle of freight trains like a siren song
calling out to Hobos time to move along
It says drop what yer doing boys and find a car
and ride them rails to somewhere else buddy near or far

Little Teardrops

Written By: Elliott Rogers

Little Teardrops Elliott Rogers
1455 Rolling Oaks, Driftwood Texas 78619 512-847-7895

Mama Ruby and Papa Joe said son you shouldn’t ought to go
I’ve heard there’s trouble down the hill
Everything will be alright if you stay with us tonight but Willie didn’t listen and he never will
And they cried lil teardrops
They cried lil teardrops
They cried lil teardrops but he didn’t pay no mind

They could tell right from the start lil Willie gonna break their heart he’d always do things the hard way
He wouldn’t take no advice even hit ruby once or twice
He’d drink all night and sleep all day

Lil Willie wasn’t raised up bad he had a good lovin mother and dad and they tried to raise him as best they could
But no matter how hard they tried he’d just cheat steal and lie and it hurt to know he didn’t turn out good

Lil Willie went out that night liquored up and ready to fight
He’d heard that big Lester was back in town
Lester was the man with a 44 in his hand and he put lil Willie in the cold, cold ground


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Set List

Traditional Family Breakdown
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Penthouse to the Poorhouse
John Hardy
Brown County Breakdown
Peaches and Cream
I've Always Been a Rambler
Wave Goodbye
Above the Waterline
Fools Gold
Haul Away