Alanna Matty

Alanna Matty

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Toronto-based singer/songwriter who needs more than 500 words to describe something she can't describe in over 1000. Folk, rock, pop, acoustic. Honest. Music from the heart.


Living in Toronto, Alanna Matty continues to write and perform her music across the city, both with and without the rest of her band. After getting lucky and performing a song for a viral youtube video last year, Alanna's online following grew significantly and her solo EP "A Song for My Love"  began to be downloaded and ordered all over the world. In August of 2014 she finally released her full length (and full band) album "Ante Meridiem" to iTunes and bandcamp, which she was able to make by raising nearly $2700 on indiegogo with the help of her online fans. 
Ante Meridiem has done well so far, with critics calling it a "masterpiece in musical experimentation" with genres bouncing from folk, to pop, to rock and back again, there is a little bit of something for everyone and yet a little piece of Alanna in each track regardless of the genre. Her wonderfully unique voice and strong songwriting abilities shine through, and she isn't afraid to try new things when it comes to writing music. As she says: 

"Ante Meridiem has a hard time being slotted into a genre, and is better left to be appreciated for what it is: a collection of emotions that only seem to surface in the darkness of the early morning."  


A Song For My Love

Written By: Alanna Matty

So long, so long I have waited / Too hard, too hard I have fought
And I have come to conclusions / That I had never thought before
So wrong, so wrong I have stumbled / In others' arms I got caught
Caught in between all my troubles / And I'm left standing wanting more
And maybe I don't want to fall / Maybe I don't wanna fall in love
Maybe I don't wanna fall in love again, so I just fall, apart

My love my love don't lie to me / tell me where did you sleep last night?
I'm tired of all the lies and I'm tired of thinking through / my love I'm tired of you


And you were mine, oh you were mine / but when the sun didn't shine
I would shiver, the whole night through x2

And maybe I don't wanna fall in love again
So I just fall / So I just fall/ So I just fall......

Maybe I don't wanna fall in love again
So I just fall/ So I just fall/ So I just fall


A Song for my Love EP - 2011

Ante Meridiem - 2014