Alan Powell

Alan Powell


Alan Powell is a dynamic young entertainer who is set to explode the music industry off its hinges. An All-American look, a unique voice, and an extraordinary stage presence all set the mark for a career that is sure to be nothing short of epic.


Alan Powell is a dynamic entertainer set to take the music industry by storm. At 22 years of age, he is already a consummate professional with singing and songwriting ability. He also is a talented musician capable of playing the drums, piano, lead, and acoustic guitar. The music he exudes is fresh and innovative a blend of live pop rock mixed with the fresh electronic sounds that dominate the airwaves today.
Alan's cornerstone is his commanding stage presence and dance ability. This has lead to headlining shows at such prominent venues as the Whisky a Go Go (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and the Cat Club on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Ca..
He is currently slated to host and perform in the well known School Zone High School Tour which takes place at large high schools (2000+ enrollment) in Orange County, Ca further expanding his fan base.
A triple threat indeed, Alan has also secured featured background work on TV shows such as CSI Miami and Las Vegas. With his talents and God given ability, Alan Powell will continue to work hard and provide quality entertainment in film, music, and dance for years to come.


Just Let You Go

Written By: Alan Powell & Ryan Grigsby

Verse 1:
My friends keep telling me to give it up;
It ain't worth the time.
And just when I thought I'm finally sick of love;
You go and change, my mind.

You held me but it wasnt even close.
When I seen ya baby it was to far.
Yet even still a glimpse of you is all I need to keep me hanging around.

Pre Chorus:
She gives me all her love,
But only half the time.
Still its more than enough,
To keep my hope alive.

Why cant I just let you go
Oh oh oh oh. (4X)

I confess I dont mind when your pushin me away,
Like you do all the time.
But I'm not crazy, well I'm crazy, for your crazy, what to do, I got to make up my mind.

Pre Chorus (2X)

Chorus (8X)

Set List

1. "Just Let You Go"
2. "Down"
3. "Roll With The Punches"
4. "Beautiful Than Now"

Typically a 30 minute set list.