Alan Powell & The Squadd

Alan Powell & The Squadd


Real Talent. Real Music. Pure Entertainment. Three phrases that minutely explain the ability, talent, and overall performance of this group. With showstopping moves and unforgettable songs this group will redifine the word SUPERSTAR.


Every member of Alan Powell & The Squad has been doing music in some shape or form their entire lives. Whether it be singing and dancing in local talent shows, church events, or musicals this group is seasoned and it shows. Their major musical influences stem from such legends as Michael Jackson to new age superstars as Justin Timberlake and Usher. Their leader, Alan Powell, is poised to take the industry by form with his concise and creative choreography as well as his smooth pop/rock voice. The Squad is a group of dancers who met while attending Liberty University and recognized their instant compatibility and companionshiop through dance. Determinated, dedicated, and motivated Alan Powell along with the Squad will leave its mark on a music industry that is in dire need of a true, genuine superstar.

Set List

Survivor (4:00)
Dance Breakdown (2:00+)
Total: 6:00+
We do not do covers just original music and choreography.