Alan Robert

Alan Robert


The kind of warm gooey richness of a fireplace nap coupled with a marmalade sandwich served on two slices of a rainbow


Raised in Kentucky and born during the worst blizzard in thirty years, Alan Robert tries to make sense among the ruins with the only tools available, his mind and voice. Moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles and fell in with the right crowd. Not a preacher or a prophet. Just a songwriter who enjoys sharing his time's labors and offers a great time while doing it.



Written By: Alan Robert

Young gal, went and grew up fast
caught a train to Houston after Sunday mass
Dreamin of screams under moonlight beams
now she's drinking all the beer with the hockey team

Young gal, said she'd find the key
Young gal said she'd give it to me
Young gal, called Hallebaloo
now look what you done yeah look what you do

And believe me, I wouldn't fool ya
the good Lord will get right too ya
when they try, to roll the die,
you got to leave um, where they lie

Young boy tried to fake his past
moved into a loft right by the overpass
saying that playing was the bulk of his day
he's got one little, two little, three on the way.

Young boy said he'd live by the sea
young boy said I'll make it you'll see
young boy called Halleballo
now look what you done yeah look what you do.


Old man, wants to be a star
get a limousine up on the boulevard
shakin and a swaying doing valet days
now he'd feeding cigarettes to the Hollywood strays

Old man, said he'd sail in the shy
old man said my future's alright
old man, called Halleballo
now look what you done yeah look what you do.


Things Gotta Change

Written By: Alan Robert

Morning left when the rains came
and blew all my blues away
leaving imprints on crooked street signs
the hard earned end of the day
But Sammy wasn't used to the angry choir
the kind that keep on yelling all day
wrapped up too tight in his mommas pocket
and waiting for someone kind to say

Hey there weeping willow
what you looking for
Hanging out the window
watching the waters beat the shore

stars and moonlight
at your door

So the whiskey won't help you and the doctor says stop
and your children are widdeling away
you look at the clock and it says 4 o'clock
and you wonder whats been done with your day
Sitting in seats while everybody eats
be awful funny if it wasn't a shame
then you walk by a window and see your reflection
and say man things got to change.

so you tried to
skip town, rewound, find ground
and head off to that better place
Locked up, beat down, could it be that you found
there's just no such place.
there's no such place.
open your heart to grace
let your mind drift into space

To the River

Written By: Alan Robert

break out in a sweat
break out in a rash
take this heavy burden and leave it outside in the grass

night-sky is shaking
in the silver moonlight
no matter where the highways take me
I know you'll make it alright.

So warn me
warn me
I gotta tie the moorings
to the river
Goodbye Goodbye

outside of north denver
out west of detroit
theres a red moon rising right out of the
bright noon sky.

so sing me something with meaning
sing me something 'bout joy
'bout a man who's needing you
more than I.



Alan Robert- Anthemmatic (2005) from Robot Face Records. Songs are available to hear at Artist Spotlight #28
member of ASCAP

Set List

Normally 8 to 12 originals with some covers thrown in if they apply to the region or person sharing the bill. Mainly it's anywhere from a 45 minute to an hour set. The sound is American, rock n' roll, with a touch of the cold winters of Kentucky spiced with a shot of bourbon.

set list:
Tv or Radio
Things Gotta Change
Tell the Moon
Kentucky Home
Lucky Lady
Just So