Alan Semerdjian

Alan Semerdjian

 New York City, New York, USA

indie songwriter/poet/artist with television and film credits, college and commercial radio success, years of performance experience, and a new record in the works...a blend of indie folk, americana, and altervative rock..."one of the best songwriters you never heard of" - Boog City "dream pop" -LIV


New York-based indie singer/songwriter Alan Semerdjian has quieted down considerably since his days fronting the sonic alt-pop outfit Surreal. Although the driving grooves and swirling guitars are missing, Alan's current work still has the same attention to craft and poetic sensibility of his earlier days as well as the deep melodic longing that earned him the respect of critics, fans across east coast and beyond, CMJ attention and radio airplay, and television and film credits.

Alan has had music placed in LIFETIME and WB network programs as well as a song in the short film "Whatever We Do" starring Robert Downey Jr., Tim Roth, and others. The unreleased short film is written by actor Kevin Connolly, produced by Tobey Maguire for FOX SEARCHLAB, and is currently only available online.

His 2005 independently-released CD “When There Was Something Wrong With You” - which features the production work of longtime friend and collaborateur Michael Bloom (Rilo Kiley, The Elected, Jenny Lewis), Philip A. Jimenez (Wheatus, Gordo Gringo, Beat Radio), and Brian Blackburn (Peggy Lee Sings Lieber and Stoller) – created quite a buzz in NYC. Alan was a featured performer on WFUV’s City Folk Sunday Breakfast in 2006 and participated in its Under the Radar Series at Makor. His recent shows at clubs like The Living Room and The Knitting Factory have been packed, and the response across North America has been growing as well. Alan has toured every summer in support of the last release, performing in such rooms as The Hotel Café in LA and Casa Del Popolo in Montreal.

Songs on "When There Was Something Wrong With You" are currently receiving airplay on internet stations such as Indie Artist Radio, Fearless Radio, Harris Radio, and Buzzplay, and the award-winning “cityfolk” station WFUV in NYC.

Alan is currently working on a new album with the production team of Bloom, Jimenez, and Blackburn. Basic tracks were recorded with Matthew Cullen (My Morning Jacket, Rachel Yamagata and many others) at The Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck, NY and special guests include Franz Nicolay from The Hold Steady and accomplished duduk player Jivan Gasparian.

A volume of his poetry is also going to be released through Spuyten Duyvil in 2007.


When There Was Something Wrong With You

Written By: Alan Semerdjian

When there was something wrong with you
You bottled it up now didn’t you

Now there’s nothing they could see
That could bring you down so easily

Over and over and over time
You built it up so good

Over and over and over time
You play it off like it’s cool

The best was never yet to come
You made a pact right from the start

To sabotage what we might be
But you forgot what I used to be

Over and over and over time
You built it up so good

Over and over and over time
You play it off like it’s cool

Now you’re fixed in front of me
Turn around so you can see
How the rest is getting better all the time
Better it just takes time

I’ll be gone
Don’t wait around all night to see

Your Love

Written By: alan semerdjian

I wake up
it's thirty days without love
it's more than enough

I was wrong
ou were wrong let's make up
stir the bottom of another cup

Your hand is everything
to reach for
when the distance
seems too threatening

What would they say
if they knew anyway
it's not independence day

So lend me your ears
spin me a home
in the best room of your heart

Your hand is everything
to reach for
when the distance
seems too threatening

I cannot right wrong
in the words of this song
ain't no right wrong anyway
when you're in the middle
of your own highway

Your love it comes
it comes and goes
your love it comes
it comes and goes
your love it comes
love it comes and goes


Melting Palette Records

Surreal 1998

- SURREAL Surreal 1999

- GIFT Surreal 2000

Alan Arts Music

- Two releases by improvisational jazz project Stratosphere 2001

- OUT Watercats 2001

- THREE Milquetoast 2002

- HERO CITY Alan Semerdjian 2003


Approximate total CDs at performances, through soundscan (retail, cdbaby, etc.), and online since 1998: 10,000.

Set List

Alan writes and performs original compositions though he has been known to rework songs from such artists as Elvis Costello, John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, Aimee Mann, and others. His sets have ranged from four minutes to four hours.