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AlanSmithee, based out of Los Angeles, plays material ranging from emotionally driven Pop/Rock anthems to heartfelt ballads. The band has drawn comparisons to the likes of U2, matchbox twenty, and The Who. Constant touring and promotion is creating a nationwide fan base.


Alansmithee has been making quite an impact on the pop/rock music scene since its inception in 2002. The recent release of the band's new CD "Wash Away," produced by Sasha Krivstov (James Blunt, INXS/Rockstar, New Radicals) and Erik Eldenius (Vanessa Carlton, Low Millions), is a collection of driving pop/rock songs, heartfelt ballads, and emotionally charged anthems that have become signature to the band's sound. Alansmithee, although unique, has drawn comparisons to bands like U2, matchbox twenty, and The Who.

Through their own efforts of constant promotion and performance, Alansmithee has amassed a strong fan base. Their reputation continues to spread with their current nationwide tour. Alansmithee has played well over 100 shows this year which includes sold out shows at the Roxy in Hollywood and opening for Stevie Nicks and Vanessa Carlton. The members of Alansmithee have also shared the stage with other acts such as Something Corporate, Sarah McLachlan, Fastball, Coolio, Mandy Moore, and Jewel.

Alansmithee has received rave reviews from both the national publication Music Connection and local California publication LA Music Scene. The Music Connection has listed Alansmithee as one of the "HOT 100 UNSIGNED ACTS." Additionally, the band has entered and won multiple Battle of the Bands competitions as well as won the internet reallity music contest "America's Biggest," and their songs have been featured numerous times as "Song of the Day" on George Martin's Garageband.Com website.

Alansmithee's dedication to their craft is revealed not only through their strong songs, but through their live performances. It's rare to find a band that sounds as good live, if not better than their CD. The incredible musicianship and professionalism of Alansmithee brings forth a classic act that is destined for success. To quote the band's Music Connection Review, "Despite their web address, it shouldn't be too long before everyone knows who Alansmithee is."


California Calling

Written By: David Jonelis

The sky’s so gray now
Too many drinks I find
Like a heartache
Can really cloud my mind

And I can’t sleep now
Close in on 3AM
And I break down
And drift away again

But in my darkest dreams there’s one thing
Bring a little bit of piece of mind…

I can hear you calling
Calling to me
I wanna feel your sunshine
Shine down so sweet
Cause when my mind is cloudy
When I’m all alone
California calling
Take me home…

I’m going crazy
My eyes so smoked away
I’m suffocating
With every passing day

Wish I could taste it
The ocean air I knew
Guess I’ll get wasted
And raise a glass to you

Cause in a lonely night there’s one thing
That always brings a little peace of mind

I’ll always keep a little bit, a little piece of you inside of me

Who The Hell

Written By: David Jonelis and Alan Smithee

To everyone who’s ever been
Put down by those around you
By grade school bullies, high school kids
The emptiness surrounds you
I’ve felt your frustration so many times I’ve cried
The pain I felt the guilt I held inside

Who the hell are you
To talk down to me
To tell me what to do
To tell me what I’m gonna be

To anyone who’s ever been
Abandoned by your lover
To everyone with self esteem
You never could recover
I used to blame myself for all the failure that I found
But now I say to those who put me down

Who the hell are you
To talk down to me
To tell me what to do
To tell me what I’m gonna be

To everyone…who’s ever tread, upon my aspiration
To everyone who’s ever said I couldn’t be, shouldn’t be, wouldn’t be


2004 - "The SB Sessions EP"
2005 - "Wash Away"

Set List

Our typical set is 45 minutes, but we can play up to 2.5 hours worth of original material and covers.