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"Music Connection Review (10/25/04)"

Material: Hard-driving music with refreshing, catchy lyrics and a devoted fan base set Alan Smithee apart from other LA-area rock bands. Their songs "How Does it Feel," "California Calling" and "Wonderful" would be welcome additions to more than a few local radio stations.

Musicianship: There's not a weak musician in the bunch. Despite a new drummer, the group's chemistry is complete, and together they play like a well-oiled machine. Brantley supplies outstanding bass lines, while Haggerty displays impressive keyboard work - especially towards the end of the set. The guitars of Emmer and Jonelis truly complemented each other. Jonelis' voice is crisp, clear and rides above the music.

Performance: Culminating the "Rock the Walk" evening, Alan Smithee took the stage and immediately connected with a house packed with extremely devoted fans. The band played a diverse selection of songs, moving easily from slow to fast and back again. Jonelis was the center of attention and showed poise and balance, keeping everything on an even keel. In fact, the performance never lost momentum and the audience responded with screams and catcalls. Most of the crowd seemed to know the words to all the songs. The group also did an impressive cover of the classic Nineties song, "She Drives Me Crazy." The crowd quite appropriately demanded and got their encore and, even with that, the 10 song set ended too quickly.

Summary: Alan Smithee is a polished act with top-notch music, believable lyrics and a beat that is catchy. Despite their web address, it shouldn't be too long before everyone knows who Alan Smithee is.

- Bob Leggett - Music Connection

"LA Music Scene Review (05/04)"

It's my first time at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica pier. The parking charges are reminiscent of the strip at $7 per car, and the boards rattling beneath your tires welcome you with the thought of falling through to swim with the fish. The parking attendants were a real blast too, and would rather hold onto a cell phone than $100 bill to wait until you get change. Make sure you're carrying less than a $20.

Once inside, Rusty's is a feel good environment with smiling door people and a warm crowd. Alan Smithee started out their set with some nice grooves, poppy and definitely all American. Fluid keys from Frank Haggerty jump out at you conveying a sound that's upbeat and cheerful. I feel a little Huey Lewis and the News going on here. The band has first-rate dynamics, simple and tasteful background vocals and nice changes throughout the songs. Their transitions are smooth; I can tell that's something they focus on during rehearsals. The bass player, Paul Brantley, dominates the stage with some of the best presence I've seen in LA-and he can even sing backup.

"So Far Away" is a sing-along with nice guitar lines from Matt Emmer. The catchy melody moves the band a little more on stage and it livens up the visual aspect of the performance. David Jonelis' vocals are solid and confident. "There's A Girl" has an almost Emo vibe but without being annoying and the vocals are actually in key! David doesn't always choose the most obvious notes which is refreshing to hear.

"Sand and Water" had me only a few notes in with enlightening chord choices from Matt on guitar. Unfortunately, the band thought playing a slow song meant standing still. With a little more movement they'd up their show quality ten-fold. Well, all except Paul of course, who refused to stop moving no matter what. He had great energy. "Wonderful" showcases David's vocal range and ability. He knows how to use his instrument and manipulate different tones to convey the meaning of the lyrics. This would be a great song for licensing to television and film.

The band started to bring their show to a close with a cover of "She Drives Me Crazy". It's a fun cover and the band changed it enough to make it their own.

Alan Smithee is an upbeat, fun band with real potential to rock a crowd.

Article by: Jennifer Vega - TLAMS.Com


2004 - "The SB Sessions EP"
2005 - "Wash Away"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Alansmithee has been making quite an impact on the pop/rock music scene since its inception in 2002. The recent release of the band's new CD "Wash Away," produced by Sasha Krivstov (James Blunt, INXS/Rockstar, New Radicals) and Erik Eldenius (Vanessa Carlton, Low Millions), is a collection of driving pop/rock songs, heartfelt ballads, and emotionally charged anthems that have become signature to the band's sound. Alansmithee, although unique, has drawn comparisons to bands like U2, matchbox twenty, and The Who.

Through their own efforts of constant promotion and performance, Alansmithee has amassed a strong fan base. Their reputation continues to spread with their current nationwide tour. Alansmithee has played well over 100 shows this year which includes sold out shows at the Roxy in Hollywood and opening for Stevie Nicks and Vanessa Carlton. The members of Alansmithee have also shared the stage with other acts such as Something Corporate, Sarah McLachlan, Fastball, Coolio, Mandy Moore, and Jewel.

Alansmithee has received rave reviews from both the national publication Music Connection and local California publication LA Music Scene. The Music Connection has listed Alansmithee as one of the "HOT 100 UNSIGNED ACTS." Additionally, the band has entered and won multiple Battle of the Bands competitions as well as won the internet reallity music contest "America's Biggest," and their songs have been featured numerous times as "Song of the Day" on George Martin's Garageband.Com website.

Alansmithee's dedication to their craft is revealed not only through their strong songs, but through their live performances. It's rare to find a band that sounds as good live, if not better than their CD. The incredible musicianship and professionalism of Alansmithee brings forth a classic act that is destined for success. To quote the band's Music Connection Review, "Despite their web address, it shouldn't be too long before everyone knows who Alansmithee is."