Alan Taylor West

Alan Taylor West

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You know all those Indie guitar bands that all sound the same,This isnt any thing like that. This is somthing different. Its electronic,but its still Rock all the way. With its sweeping sounds, and alternating rhythms.You cant help,but being swept away.


I started very young playing drums for few bands mostly punk.I slowly branched out into other types of music such as R&B and even some Jaz. I never really felt like an artist playing drums.It seemed I had taken them as far as I could. So then I took up piano,where I found a passion I didnt know had.I love bands such as Pink Floyd,Radio Head,andTool and wanted do something that I thought would make me stand out from the rest.Curently my single Take it down cam be heard on The UCLA Radio station.


Take It Down

Written By: Alan Taylor West

Will you let me in
Will you let me under skin
Will you show me what youve neve shown

Will you let me lead
Will you let your feelings bleed
Will you let go of your fear

Lets take it in
Take us some where we have never been

You took me under you wing
You told me to be free
You showed me things ive never seen

From that day on
We shared a special bond
That you and I will never forget

Lets take it in
Take us some where we have never been


I am currently recording my first Ep-The Real,The Fake and The Transparent.

Set List

My set last any where from 45mins two 2Hours.
Here is a list of song titles from my upcoming EP

The Simpethetic Choir
Overton Square
I Hope you Come Down
Make My Day
Mr. Ego
Blood On The Streets
No Voice
Take It In