Alan Tully

Alan Tully


Its the acoustic storytelling style of the early-'60s given a jolt of electricity! The songs of Alan Tully encompass many themes from travel and religion to conflict and loss with a musical style that draws on folk, country and blues.


Alan Tully from Dublin began to play gigs while living in Lyon, France in 2004 at Johnny Walsh's Irish Pub. There he played covers of traditional Irish tunes and contemporary hits along with Californian jazz guitarist Vince Courtroy. He had a residency there for six months and was advised by Adrian Walsh, the owner, to ring people up and sing into their answerphones to cheaply record himself. Instead, upon returning to Ireland Alan bought a home recording studio and set about writing his own material.

Since then he has produced a number of demos which have been featured in Hotpress magazine and has also been interviewed and received airplay on Dublin's FM104. Alan has been playing around Dublin since the August 2005 with gigs in places ranging from UCD, Slatterys of Capel Street, Pravda and Bia Bar to the Sugar Club, Whelans and Bewleys Cafe Theatre. In the last year he has supported Colm Quearney, Tadhg Cooke, Matt Lunson and Cousin Elias and has been on bills with Paul Wilkes, Will Varley the Maladies and the Star Department. A recent addition to the live act was guitarist Eamonn Bolger.


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Set List

1. The Town Across the Bay
2. Aeons
3. The Rhythm Blues
4. Where the Blood Comes From
5. The Tin Man's Lament
6. People Are Stranger
7. Bells
8. The Middle Passage
9. Talk of the Town
10. Frontier Lines
11. Leaving the City Folks
12. The Light Brigade

Covers Played:
1. Ol' 55 - Tom Waits
2. Blue Skies - Tom Waits
3. Don't Think Twice, Its Alright - Bob Dylan
4. Boots of Spanish Leather - Bob Dylan
5. Things Behind the Sun - Nick Drake
6. Yer So Bad - Tom Petty
7. Chelsea Hotel No.2 - Leonard Cohen

- Mix and match depending on time, sense of humour and political affiliation