Alan Vance

Alan Vance

 Austin, Texas, USA

I am a Modern Singer Songwriter with Americana and Texas Country sounds. I specialize in writing songs for both Nashville and Texas/Red Dirt Country artists, as well as creating songs for independant film and television.


Born in 1979 in Georgtown, Texas and raised all over Central Texas, I have settled in Austin where i write, produce and record songs for myself and various other artists in my home studio. I have been writing Amercana, Red Dirt and Alt. Country music for 15 years and I spent 5 years singing and writing lyrics for a Texas based Rock Band called FallenGrace (TEG Records). Currently, I spend time writing, promoting various americana and red dirt bands locally in Austin and I play about 25 showcases per year where I test material and network with other musicians.


Alan Vance: Promenade (2001)
FallenGrace (Self-Titled 2005)
Alan Vance: Broken Promiseland (in Production)