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São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Rock Alternative


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Solano Ribeiro is a respected brazilian musical journalist, by working since the Tropicalia's in the 70's. In his view, Alarde is one of the best new artist on brazilian musical scene, as considering "Oitoitenta" a stoned piece of songs that remind the sounds from bands of the 70's and the 90's, as great lyrics that reflects a chaotic urban life. - Solano Ribeiro

Regis Tadeu, brazilian musical journalist, points Alarde as one of the newest promises form indie brazilian artists. - Regis Tadeu

Straight drums, loud guitars, hoarse voice. The "Alarde" plays rock, pure rock.

The band formed by brothers Luiz Silva (guitar and vocals) and Rodrigo Silva (drums and vocals), Rodrigo Mazza (guitar) and Orestes Filho (bass) is releasing his second album, "Abismo ao redor," and it keeps the sound that caught the attention of rock'n'roll lovers on the first album, "" Oitoitenta ", 2009.

With production of the band itself, the album was recorded by Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga at Norcal Studios and Diego Dalia in Preto Velho ProduÁıes. Mixed and mastered by Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga at Norcal Studios.

The opening track, "FACA" has a video with thriller climate of surreal. Directed by Solon Neto. - Marcelo Monteiro

Some say that good rock bands in Portuguese are an endangered species. And while this statement has its justified portion (especially when we take into account the wear promoted by the music industry on the genre in the last two decades), the fact is that we can still find groups that prove otherwise, as the "Alarde".

With a raw and explosive sound, the quartet formed in 2006 is a rare example of the genre that can not only maintain a cohesive and interesting musical proposal, but also stay up to date on account of their influences (which include Brazilian 80¥s rock, stoner and more a shitload of things) and relevant speech. Now, five years after the release of their debut album (the great Oitoitenta), the S„o Paulo¥s group returns more mature and powerful than ever with an excellent second album, the bombastic "Abismo ao redor".

Dribbling with elegance and clarity the pitfalls inherent in the continuation of a strong first album, Abismo ao redor immediately distances himself from his predecessor to prove be considerably more dense and ambitious work. Produced by the band and recorded in the Norcal Studios and Preto Velho ProduÁıes, this second album draws attention because of its thematic ambition.
Addressing complex issues (which are difficult to be scored individually but can be summarized in the idea of a contemporary spleen and / or individual and social atonement)
through distressing and confessional lyrics that reveal a questioner character unsuspected, the album stands out for how hard confronts the darkest nuances of the human condition, causing a reflection by the listener in the process (which is something noteworthy in itself).

With 13 tracks spanning 64 minutes in length, this new album also works by bring a soundscape perfectly compatible with lyrical density and aforementioned theme.

Comprising cathartic passages (the magnificent opening track, "Faca", and the amazing Espirito das Matas),
cynical ("Mundo Decadente" and "Palavra"), chaotic ("Preste AtenÁ„o"and "Gira Roleta") and resigned ( The great "O Fim Anunciado"),the benefits of the disc are a diverse instrumental that blends frantic guitars, solid grooves, creative use of unusual instruments and brazilian percussions, reflecting the wide range of inspiration employed by the band, resulting in a rich work both in its conception how in execution .

As it should be, "Abismo ao redor" also serves as proof of the musical evolution of the authors (individually and collectively) to show the quartet at a time particularly inspired.

While drummer Rodrigo Silva and newcomer bassist Orestes Filho conducted a homogeneously efficient job of creating a kitchen pulsating and equipped of a constantly safe footprint (see the title track, Abyss Around) guitarist Rodrigo Mazza demonstrates versatility and intelligence to take a balanced approach that permeates the discretion and aggression, collaborating to create the schizophrenic atmosphere that permeates the album.
Finally, the guitarist and vocalist Luiz Silva uses his raw and torn voice to impart an almost manic energy to each track (even in quieter passages, when the frenzy is replaced by an almost threatening tone), guiding the disc sound truthfully and emotional. - Guilherme Guio

Some bands can go beyond, few can go beyond themselves... Alarde goes further and beyond itself.So, a band that can fly with instruments, strings and drumsticks.
Able to travel many thousands miles to show their music and share their own vibration and energy with anyone else, and are interested in also going beyond. Because a show of Alarde should not to be something just musical, it is an extrasensorial experience. Am I tripping?
No, watch a video of the band, on Youtube, you will have a taste of it. Pay attention to the lyrics, you will see something that is beyond what is said around.Naked and raw truth of a journey called life. - Maurício Martins


"Abismo ao redor", 2014

Recorded at Norcal Studios and Preto Velho Productions, Brazil
Mixed and mastered by Brendan Duffey @ Norcal Studios, Brazil
Produced by Alarde

"Oitoitenta", 2009

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Norcal Studios, Brazil
Mixed and mastered by Brendan Duffey @ Norcal Studios, Brazil
Produced by Alarde and Brendan Duffey



Alarde is a rock’n’roll band immersed in psychedelic moods and intense performance, influenced by bands from the 70’s and the 90’s; the debut album is filled with original content and personality. With deep, visceral live performances, the band shows its strength though its high-octane energy and multi-referential rock’n’roll, with some improvisation and self surrender to the music. 

The Band started in the end of 90’s in the countryside and, later in 2005, moved to São Paulo where it has been performing ever since and often at the most important venues of Sao Paulo and throughout the country. In 2009, Alarde released their first studio album named “Oitoitenta”, which is considered by many industry professionals to be one of the most promising ensembles from the current indie scene in Brazil. 

The album “Oitoitenta” (8/80) features 13 original songs, peculiar tones and melodies and lyrics that reflect the torments and hopes stemmed from a thirdworld, urban, chaotic land. The special guest, Lanny Gordin, the most brilliant guitar player from Brazil who has influenced all psychedelic sounds from the Tropicalia period, participated in the recording of the album and on stage. 

Recently this year, the band has released their second and also 13-original-tracked album, "Abismo ao Redor" (Surrounding Abyss). This record grows more refined than its predecessor, revealing wider dynamics and a more mature approach towards song writing and arranging, with both elements reflecting the ever-evolving nature of the band. 

It has the same psychedelic energy from 8/80, but heavier. Actually, heavy doesn't describe the record properly: dense would fit better. Also, the record gives us plenty many references that are general, wich anyone is able to empathise with - even. We have our hopes up in "Eterno aprendiz errante", we have our griefs and karma challenged in "Palavra", we have an serious concern and complaint about our ways of living in "Mundo decadente" - but only groovier. 

The musical references on this album goes from heavy riffs such as grunge and metal who work their way into jazz-like swing melodies and beats, throughout beautifully arranged solos from both guitars. The album turned out not to be just a good rock n roll composition, but a record with a solid concept due to the passionate attitude of the bands members towards music and life.

"Alarde is a Brazilian rock group, formed in Sao Paulo in 2006. Known for their visceral live performances across the country, the four piece combine grunge ferocity with 70's psychedelia and its subsequent resurgences. With only two albums under their belt and few minor hits such as Oitoitenta ("All-Or-Nothing"), Vida Bandida ("Thug Life") and Faca ("Knife") — the band has been doing justice to its name (Alarde literally means Fuss) by managing to build a steadily growing core of devotees and also captivate the ears and eyes of the music industry. To date, the band have established the psychedelic credentials for their collaborative work with the legendary Tropicalia guitarist Lanny Gordin. They also have marked their presence in the hard rock scene for their long partnership with the producer Brendan Duffey and the opening for Motorhead in Sao Paulo in 2011." (Tito Cordeiro)

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