Alarm Bells

Alarm Bells


Alarm Bells play all-or-nothing ADD freak-outs with guitars, pedals, 35 year old synthesisers, mock grandeur and medical-grade grooves.

Shows: Bloc Party, Maps & Atlases, busiest band at Creative Scotland's Great Escape showcase 2013

Emerging Excellence Award (Musician’s Benevolent Fund 2012)


When influential ‘fight-pop’ band Dananananaykroyd announced their split, their peers breathed a collective sigh of relief. There would be no more stage acrobatics, splitting crowds apart for the ‘wall of cuddles’ or legendary sets that were so absurdly out of control that they seemed to be held together by kinetic energy.

Little did we know that lead members (the driving force and main songwriters) were already planning a left turn on their next onslaught.

Formed in spring 2012, Alarm Bells were quickly showing off an all new sound, supporting the likes of Bloc Party and Maps & Atlases, tipped by BBC's Vic Galloway as one of his Bands of 2013, as well as playing a handful of festivals throughout the UK. Processed guitars, ancient analogue synthesisers make a unique sonic texture and the kind of mock-grandeur delivery you’d expect from members famous for engaging in actions more irrational and dangerous than the last. Like a mix of the grooves and textures of 70’s Yes contrasting with spartan Fugazi-esque sections, sitting against nauseating math-y interludes and choruses so dense and catchy they seem to come out of nowhere.

"Gloriously batshit crazy" - Horses Playing Harps

"Mind-bendingly progressive" - This Is Fake DIY

"[Alarm Bells have the] ability to turn on a sixpence, pull-themselves inside out and tumble over without missing a beat" - STV Entertainment


January 4th 2013: "Part One" EP 12" Vinyl/Digital

Set List

Speeding Ticket
Hold Down