Alasdair Beattie

Alasdair Beattie


Hailing from Scotland’s capital city Glasgow and now a resident in Ireland premier city Dublin, Alasdair Beattie creates guitar strums and tunes to hum when there’s nothing else to think about. Combining the melody of the Beatles, the energy of Oasis and the soul of a human being.


I was born in Alexandria in Scotland. Growning up I realised that music is everything. Its your mood, your day, your love, your loss and your end. Nothing else counts. Nothing else can count. Bands like the Beatles and Oasis are influences in that I have obsessed over them. Scrutinised ever twist and turn until I am left with only the songs that I want. This is what I want my music to do. To last and give you the same reaction it gave you the first time you heard it. Amen

Set List

My Songs:-
Pleased to Meet You
All This Will Pass
Better Come Soon
The Shakedown
Got To Give
Yell! Yelp! Help!
Johnny Got A Gun
Mrs Tiddles Likes It Rough
Back With A Bang
Thinking 'Bout You
Matter A Fact

Boneheads Bank Holiday (Oasis)
Still Take You Home (Arctic Monkeys)
On a Plain (Nirvana)
Be Bop A Lula (Various)