Clarendon Hills, Illinois, USA

We are a group of people who are passionate about music and love what we do. We are constantly working to improve and believe that our best songs are yet to come. We can best be described as hard soft-rock with hints of folk. We write what comes naturally and are hard at work on several new songs.


In 2006, none of the members of what would become Alaska thought they would be making music together years later. Each member has a different musical background, but they all share a love of music and a passion for playing.

With an emphasis on songwriting, Patrick Hiller, Kyle Free, and Mike Baker write what comes naturally and believe that if they aren't having fun, they're doing something wrong. They are devoted to improvement, and put in the hard work to make that possible. It's hard to say where exactly their music is headed, but their goal is always for each new album to be better than the last.

Since their debut release in November of 2009, Alaska have released 11 songs on 2 EPs, and are working on many more. The band records, mixes, and masters everything themselves out of a small studio in Bridgeport, Illinois.

Influences of the band include Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Oasis and others, but the band’s ultimate goal is quality music.