Alaska 87

Alaska 87



Alaska 87 is the long-awaited solo project from Andreas Ciborowski. Mainly known for his bass prowess (Soul Rebel Sound, Nala Burdyna), Andreas has changed roles; using his guitar and socially-reflective songwriting talent to paint a picture infused with his Garage, Punk, and Rock sensibilities. Bringing together observations of society, political hypocrisy, and life on earth in our uncertain times, Alaska 87 stays true the the essence of Blues, and brings new light to the genre by forging together different influences from the 80's and early-90's; spanning both the North American and European perspectives. Andreas is joined by long-time colleagues Dave Pake (Static Lab, Timely Demise, Nala Burdyna Band ) on drums, and Marco Adamovic (Soul Rebel Sound, Amnesia Vivace, Decoller) on the bass guitar.



Written By: Andreas Ciborowski

All this wisdom is digging me into the grave..

Set List

The Cross
Love is Lost
Drive By Media
Cold North/Warm South
The Red Sea
I Don't Care