Alaska and Me

Alaska and Me


Western-themed indie rock.


Alaska and Me consists of 4 rugged young men hailing from the white mountains of Arizona. These gun-slingers of song create emotionally charged music as strong as a western bar brawl and as smooth as a horses hide.

The band has seen much growth since the first acoustic recordings, which consisted of Tyler, Ben and Garage Band. After recruiting Charles and Ian shortly after, the music gained a much larger and filled out sound which quickly made them a fixture in the Arizona indie music scene. Soon, they gathered six songs and traveled to the far reaches of the earth (New York) to record their first EP, titled Actors. With a steady stream of shows they gained many fans, their buoyant rock not limiting their appeal to only the home state.

Their new album I Will Die in the West, was recorded at the Phoenix studio of producer Bob Hoag (The Format, Dear And The Headlights), and we can hear their progression as artists as loud and clear as a rifle shot into the crisp mountain air. Singing stories about the gold rush, blazing wagon trains, and velvet clad saloon girls, it sounds as if the characters from many a John Wayne movie decided to start an indie rock band.

This is your soundtrack for riding off into the sunset!


I Will Die In The West (EP) - Released November 24th, 2008. Produced by Bob Hoag (The Format, Dear and the Headlights)

Actors (EP) - Released July 2007. Produced by Anthony Santos.

Set List

7-8 songs. 30-35 minutes.