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Have you ever inhaled in stereo?


My name is David Braxton and I am Alaska. You could call me a "Singer/Songwriter" but I just consider myself an artist. I oversea every process from song writing, Live preformances, recording and mastering. I paint pictures in 2.1. I sing the way you really feel inside. I have created a new artform.


Pardon our mess

Written By: Alaska

This may be hard, but will you stay the same for me" She said. And if its not the miles that hold us back then tell me what's the point in losing sleep. (whos the girl in the red dress across town) Do you ever use your common sense when talking to me.

"We're drowning" you said to me.
And I can barely breath in this town.

Set List

My set list is determined by the person running the show. I have enough material to do anywhere from a 15 minute gig to an hour and a half.