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Album Fouy Metty 2006
Single Fouy Metty (top ten for several years in West Africa)
Single Sey (top ten in West Africa)



Alassane Camara

It is said in Louga (the birthplace of the griots), that soon after starting school, Alassane Camara's teacher came to see his father, the great percussionist Elhadji Mbol Seck, to complain that there was no way to take advantage of him, though anything, either table, chairs, cans, soil or whatever, served as a percussion instrument to him (a practice he retained until today). When his grandfather Assane heard about it, he was delighted, because according to the griot tradition, he was responsible for assisting the parent to find the heir of the family gift among his many children, and it was clear that they had found him. That has meant to inherit the wisdom, art and magic of the most prestigious griot family in Senegal, the Seck Djere, or rather say the Bour Nguewel (the kings of the griots), as their ancestors have been the personal griots of kings, saints and presidents.

This prodigy child has been on stage since he was 4, accompanying his father, the best tam tam percussionist from Senegal, his grandfather Assane Mbaye with the Circle de la Jeunesse (formation of more than 60 years of professional experience) and his uncle Youssou Mbargane Mbaye with his group Ngalam de Louga (one of the most prestigious formations from Senegal) who has traveled throughout most of Africa and much of Europe.

With only 9 years he wins the Individual Dance Award of the Young Artists Festival of Thies (Senegal), as well as the Trophy for Best Young Percussionist from Senegal, and with 20 he was proclaimed "Drum Major of Louga", a distinction never previously granted a person so young. He inherited from his father the post of personal griot of presidents, several ministers and mayors.

He has founded several music groups, including:

• Ndjambour Percussion (founded in 1981), a group composed of 17 sabar drummers

• Group Sopo Khadim (founded in 1995), a group composed of 23 members (10 dancers, 3 singers and 10 musicians)
• Setsima Nguewel de Louga (founded 1993), a group composed of 16 members (8 dancers and 8 musicians)
• Le Baobab (founded in 2010) group composed of 16 members (8 percussionists and dancers 8)

Alassane Camara, with his different musical groups, is considered Senegal's most popular exponent of traditional music and dance and is therefore chosen by the presidents of Senegal and Gambia as the traditional culture representant in their official travels, as well as in the official audiences to international leaders in Senegal.

He is capable of playing any African percussion instrument, and any rythm. He has therefore been requested to collaborate with many known artists. His first album “Fouy Metty” was a smash in Senegal, staying for a long time among the three first places of the top ten sales list.

Actually, he is engaged in several projects, the most notably is the worldwide dissemination of traditional music of the griots in Senegal, in order to preserve the cultural wealth of West Africa. On the other hand, he wants to open up to new musical styles and collaborate with musicians from any musical trends that are interested in impossible musical fusions .

Griot or Nguewel:

The living memory of Africa’s history, who with its poetry and music, sings the deeds of the ancestors of the kings, knowing their history up to 26 generations. Every important family has its personal griot. This tradition has been maintained over 1600 years. Griots pass their stories from father to son, and griots dynasties accompany chiefs, princes and kings dynasties. They are considered the owners of the word.


1986 Festival of Chateau Gombert (Marselle)
1986 Festival of Messina (Italiy)
1986 Festival Voiron (France)
1991 Festival Argentan Normandy (France)
1993 Festival Lieges (Belgium)
1994 Festival of Westerlou (Belgium)
1994 Festival de Warssum (Netherlands)
1997 Festival de Kanilay (Gambia)
1998 Bamoko (Mali)
1988 Festival Anaba Championat Afrique Atletisme (Algiers)
1999 Festival de Jazz de Saint Louis (Senegal)
1997 Festival National des Arts et de Culture de Thiés (Senegal)
1999 Festival des Arts de Casamance (Senegal)
2000 Festival de Louga (Senegal)
2001 Festival de Louga (Senegal)
2002 Tour of France
2004 – 2005 Tour of Spain with the Zarzuela Theatre in The Wonder of Damascus
2008 Fira al Carrer de Vila Seca
2009 – 2010 Tour of Spain with his show “Nguewel”
2011 “Africando Madrid” in the Sala Galileo