Alastair Tomkins

Alastair Tomkins


Alastair Tomkins is an Aussie multi-instrumentalist musician who combines comedy, pathos, simple melodies and classic chord structures to create fun, quirky, heartfelt music.


A true journeyman performer, Alastair has travelled the world busking, working as a mime, teaching improv' theatre, working in front and behind the camera and slugging it out night after night doing stand-up and playing covers in bands. His life is his passion and this is reflected in his music.


I have a back catalogue of children's music with the ABC (Australia) that I co-wrote and performed with my good friend and mentor Mr Sean O'Boyle.

I am currently promoting my hilarious and heartfelt tribute to the MySpace phenomenon, "Approve me to be your friend".

Set List

Every night is different.