a lazarus soul

a lazarus soul


"Few people write as knowingly of this often neglected side of modern Ireland" The Independent "some of the most chillingly impassioned song-writing heard in many years in Ireland." Frequency Ireland


Brian Brannigan, Joe Chester, Camera Shanahan (Dark Room Notes), Pat & Jon Barrett(10 Speed Racer) rented a house belonging to Ex-Water boy Trevor Hutchinson for two weeks. They record 7 of Brian’s new songs and the result, released in 2001, became the bands debut, “alazarussoul record”. They started playing some live shows with Fin O’ Leary on drums (ex Mexican Pets/Klubber Lang) including some great shows supporting Ex-Girl & Gallon Drunk before the Barrett’s exit.
Now on the look-out for new members, Brian turned to Future Kings of Spain guitarist Joey Wilson and ended up with the entire band. Initial rehearsals of new material demonstrated an incredible chemistry between the new crew and although it would take them forever to get anything done, they stayed together ever since.
The live shows were incendiary and als blew the crowd away to close HWCH 05.
2007 finally saw them release their sophomore effort, “graveyard of burnt out cars”
to critical acclaim with first single, Icon, becoming number one in the Phantom Fm charts. The accompanying video was shot by Shimmy Marcus (Head Rush/ Aidan Walsh: Master of the Universe) and gained them regular rotation on Channel 6.
They Played the Trinity Ball, recorded a 2FM session, played supports to The Hold Steady, Amusement Parks on Fire & Echo and the Bunnymen along with some super headline shows to support the album.
The band courted Controversy when their single “the day I disappeared” gained scathing criticism for “glorifying gangland” by Sinn Fein, causing a storm in The Daily Mirror and ended in an exchange between Sinn Fein and Brian Brannigan on Phantom 105.2 news.
They ended the year by being voted into the top 10 Irish albums of 2007 on Cluas.com & number 1 Irish album by Pete Vamos in the News of the World.
They have just released a new e.p entitled the Lia e.p



July 2001 "alazarussoul record"
April 2007"graveyard of burnt out cars"


March 2007 - Icon
August 2007 - The day I Disappeared
June 2008 - The Lia e.p

Set List

all originals

1.truth recorder
3.graveyard of burnt out cars
4.stray bullet
6.only say the word
7.the day harry left
8.sober me
9.the day i disappeared
10.trip switch
11.star of david