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Lincoln, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Lincoln, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie


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"Lead the Way EP Review"

Founded in Coventry back in 2006, Albany have been on the British music scene for a little while now. Although they have encountered hurdles and indifference in the past, they are back and more hungry than ever. Based in Lincoln nowadays, Albany are a loud, out and out indie rock band, writing original songs that mean something to people once again… That’s in their own words. So my job here is to see whether they live up to that tagline or not. Shall we see how they got on?

Well I had an awful lot of fun listening to this EP. Considering I just got done listening to that woeful Bon Jovi record released last week, it’s fair to say that this yinged that yang. The most interesting, reoccurring aspect for me listening to this album, is how they incorporate so many different influences into one sound. I had so much fun identifying sequences that sounded a little like Oasis or a little like Pulp; it was really exciting throughout.

Production wise the whole EP is incredibly strong for an independent group. So often I hear records sent to me that have been rushed and thrown together by a group that are just trying to make content for contents sake. The guitar in particular has a sweet distorted tone throughout which really set off the guitar fuzziness inside me. When it came to solo’s, that wah effect that is used every now and then sounded excellent; really professional. The drums sounded pretty well mixed too with each part sounding focused and vibrant. There were a couple times where a kick or a snare was hit off of the metronome by a couple ms’s, but that would only be noticeable if you are looking for flaws. The bass sounded wholesome and hearty which allowed the low end of the mix to be covered and pronounced. The vocals were very well mixed too, never cutting through the textures created too much. Each word had great diction and as far as I heard, there is no sibilance which is hard to do as an unsigned act.

Musicality wise, each song is very strong. I loved the riffs used throughout, I loved the vocal melodies used from track to track and I thought there were moments of real professionalism. Like I mentioned earlier, the guitar solo’s in particular sounded sweet and most importantly passionate; there is no technical wankery, rather just full blown emotion. My favourite track had to be ‘Lesson #1’ as it screamed ‘The Fratellis’ to me. It brought me some personal nostalgia and I thought it was a great track. It is cohesive, it is concentrated and it is confident; the group knows their sound well. That’s the best way for me to describe the band really; intelligent. They know their strengths and weaknesses well, which allows them to formulate tracks that never lose momentum; what I mean is that the track listing never felt filler, each song is well weighted. I also really enjoyed the track ‘Some Days’ because it sounded like the glory days of Oasis. Instrumentally the whole track felt like a Noel Gallagher tune, but the way Albany executed it meant that it felt personal to them; it felt stylistic which is great.

Lyrically each track is again, intelligent. They never write about corny subjects or phrase anything in a cheesy manner, instead each song sounds somewhat endearing. Why do I say this? Well each subject is personal to the band and it’s described in a way which is personal to the band. As a listener that makes me feel a connection and allows me to differentiate these guys from others; it gives the group character which again is rare for an independent act.

Overall then, I really had a great time listening to this EP. Thus far this month, independent music has swamped the signed stuff in quality. Makes you think as a reviewer what our mainstream really cares about anymore. 20 years ago this group would be in the top flight, cruising through with great music, but unfortunately bands are having to sell out to get their money. However, when a truly great band rolls around, people take notice anyway. Do I get that vibe with Albany? I sure as hell do. - String Buzz

"Albany set to take the stage in Lincoln"

This up and coming band started out as a three piece semi-acoustic act initially, but over the last two years have grown into a talented quartet, bringing forward a fresh and exciting mix of original songs from the Indie Britpop persuasion. Band founder, Matt Duke,30, who is also the lead vocalist and plays guitar explains to the Leader that he hopes the band can bring back some real raw sound, that is befitting of the 21st century. He said: “I feel that the British music industry is dead, particularly within the guitar industry. “The music out there at the moment seems pretty stale and we as a band want to bring back music with some real underlining meaning again. Music that speaks volumes to people and which they can also relate to.” Also included in the band is Chris Fletcher on bass,23, Daniel McLagan,26, playing guitar and drummer Dan Sharratt,28. The quarter strive to bring their audiences music that really hits home and leaves a lasting impact, even after the performance is over. Band member Daniel McLagan, adds that there needs to be more original music out there, rather than just something to sing along to. He said: “I feel a lot of the music out there at the moment is recycled and has no depth anymore. “I would say there is definitely a gap in the market for us currently. “We bring forward a range of differing sounds based on our own individual musical genres we enjoy and collaborate together to bring forward something that’s unique and hasn’t been heard before.” Each band member still has their own day jobs, but make sure there is still time during the week to share their passion for music with others and try to get themselves out there and perform at every available opportunity. So if you feel that they are a band worth listening to, then make sure you head over to their gig on Friday. It will be a performance not to be missed and entry is free on the night.

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"Albany’s original set gets heads turning at popular Lincoln bar Read more at:"

Even though I am a music lover of varied eclectic influences, bands performing live in bars has never really been included in my list of loves - until I heard Lincoln-based band Albany perform at The Rogue Saint on Friday evening (July 1). I was initially introduced to some of Albany’s music via their EP and I was left feeling unsure if this was really the type of musical vibe I could get into. But as soon as Albany kicked off their set to an almost-filled bar and the initial instrumentals came in from drummer Dan Sharratt, which followed with skilled playing from the bass, Chris Fletcher and finally the two guitarists Daniel McLagan and Matt Duke, I wasn’t expecting the musical talent that followed. For a split second, I instantly forgot about everything else going on in my head and I was hooked on what I was hearing. The pure brilliance of their playing took me by surprise and I thought, ‘yeah these guys can actually play.’ Hearing them play live certainly gave them the justice they deserved and made me realise why so many millions of people flock to see their favourite bands perform every year. Matt Duke then took the lead with the vocals and I was determined to get the very best out of the lyrics I was hearing, so I turned around, making sure I heard every word and whilst doing this, all I could see were people’s heads going up and down in approval too. The crowd were really enjoying the performance that was going down before them. There was even some serious guitar shredding going on in the middle of their songs. From start to finish, the songs that Albany were presenting kept me wanting more, intrigued to see which way their fine instruments would carry the mood next. Now I am sure everyone will agree that you will not like every song a band performs, myself included on that night. But the overall majority of the material I was hearing, I really enjoyed. It gave me a new found appreciation for music I never thought I would possess. An enjoyable change also came in the middle of their set when the music was stripped back to basics and the acoustics came to the forefront. It was at this point where Matt’s vocals really shined through. Yes there may be an influence in their music from The Verve and Oasis, but these guys still deserved the applause they were receiving for the original work they were presenting. It always takes guts to bring forward new material, not heard before. Yes they may have a bit of work to do to have their style come completely together to become fully original and not a copy of someone else’s influence, but with their talent alone, it is certainly something that can be worked on. The potential is certainly there already, along with their raw grit in sounds and love for music. The best part of the evening for me, was seeing that this quartet never once took themselves too seriously and really enjoyed their passion, making music, with each one bringing their own talent to the table. Dan Sharratt’s drumming skills were second to none, not like anything I had heard for some time. Daniel McLagan’s guitar playing complemented Matt’s completely, both being so in sync with their playing and pulling out some incredible solo’s. And we end with bass Chris Fletcher, bringing it all together to bring forward a band to be reckoned with. With a crowd of people coming forward to dance at the end, it proved that the guys had done their jobs right that night, pulling off a fantastic performance to remember. It will be one I will not forget for a while, and a decision made for me to continue my musical education on bands and who I may now follow in the future. I am sure that the name Albany will be cropping up across the country in the months that follow, so others, like me can enjoy the raw talent they bring to the table, worthy of a slot in today’s music industry.

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Still working on that hot first release.



Founded in Coventry, 2006, Albany are a Brit Pop band that started as a 3 piece semi acoustic act, who rehearsed in a mere terraced house bedroom- converted studio.

Influenced by the Britpop movement of the 90's, Albany gained credible status touring pubs, bars and clubs around the UK, including Coventry, Fleetwood, Blackpool, Hull, Lincoln and surrounding towns to name a few.

Disbanding in January 2010, due to an indifference, Matt relocated to Lincoln and continued to write and play sporadically during a 3 year hiatus. Chris later joined Matt in early 2013, where the pair prepared intensely for a wedding back in the West Midlands later that year. Due to the reaction and drive that the pair seemed to spark during rehearsals and subsequent session work, Matt decided to reform Albany at the start of 2014, where Dan', Sharratt and McLagan were both signed up and the band once again took off to what seemed to be an inevitable conclusion.

Based in Lincoln, Albany are a loud, out and out indie rock band, writing original songs that mean something to people once again...

'Give it a little time'

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