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Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Nashville, TN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Folk Acoustic




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For Adam Stockdale, who performs under the moniker Albatross, moving to Nashville from the English Midlands has been the smartest choice in his musical career. After graduating from university in Brighton, he began doing guitar tech work for local English bands, including Mumford And Sons before they hit it big. Networking with musicians, along with being a guitar geek, helped land him more work and the opportunity to tour the world. “Every band I worked for was through word of mouth and knowing a crew member from a previous tech job.” Stockdale bonded with the Nashville music community and made the move to the US in early 2013. His upcoming release, Desperate Times Best Forgotten, melds his British songwriter background and percussive guitar style with the church, gospel and old-time musical influences of his supporting cast of Nashville players, including the banjo, violin andupright bass trio Chessboxer. - American Songwriter

""Desperate Times Best Forgotten" Album Review"

Embroidered stories washed in the polished hospitality and modest apologies of cantering country, waltzing folk and soothing bluegrass cruising through electric blues and crackling jazz, Albatross’ restless melancholy unfold soulful emotions living in the hopeful crossroads between gentle lullabies, sad good-byes and friendly salutations. Three years in the making, “Desperate,” presents a stirring merciful journey ripe in life’s highs and lows casually rolled into intricate strolls outstretched in reflective contrapuntal contemplations. An Englishman who relocated to Nashville, Albatross appears to have made side trips to Memphis and the Appalachia to create a pleasant sentimental chemistry where nothing is out of place and no compatible musical idea is unwelcome. Intriguing scenery carved from road-tested hearts, “Desperate,” dresses its thoughtful messages in skilled thrills and sturdy courtesies. - Maximum Ink

"Sitch Sessions: Albatross, 'Game Of Love'"

Adam Stockdale -- or Albatross as he's known in the music world -- is a Nashville-based songwriter you should know. Born in England, the singer's abilities on guitar resemble James Taylor's while his voice and style nods to Donovan and Paul Simon. We brought Stockdale out to a secluded field to shoot a cool acoustic version of "Game of Love," a single from the upcoming Albatross record Desparate Times Best Forgotten. We also asked him a few questions about his hometown, his magnificent mustache, and the meaning behind his band's name.

Where are you from originally? What about your hometown and new adopted hometown of Nashville inspires you?

I am originally from a small farming town in East Anglia, England. But I left home when I was 17 and moved to Brighton, then London and now Nashville. I wouldn't say much about home really inspired my songwriting. Maybe in some ways, but as much as it is home, and i will always love it, i always knew i wanted to leave. So i guess that comes across in messages of getting out into the world. I certainly channel some energy in songs with a message of family. Or with philosophies I learned during childhood. Plus, I was lucky to have been introduced to such great music at an early age. So that shaped my interest in songs and melody. Nashville, is a constant influence, but to be honest is also guilty of causing sensory overload. It never stops here, and everyone is so so good. Still i take that as a positive, it is inspiring and always gives you something new to aim for. I have been introduced to a core, kinda "real book" of country, fiddle, old-time music too, which is great.

Tell us about your label ‘The Word of Mouth Project.’ Will you be signing up any additional artists in the future?

The "Word Of Mouth" has been a couple of years in the making. I think very much the music industry is the "Wild West", more now than ever. Technology moves faster than a business model can keep up with. I don't see this necessarily as a bad thing, but more as an opportunity to try and use whatever you can to your advantage. Music means something different to everyone, there is no "One" way to do things. And so I built this initiative around the things which I consider to be important. Mainly, the relationship I have with my fans; and using it as a way to gain more fans. Plus it means I still own my music. Which, with the way labels do work these days seems fundamentally important. I have always been a kinda grass roots guy with this stuff. My aim is for sure trying to build something slow that will last. This allows me to be my own boss, and do things exactly how i want. And most importantly, always holding close the relationship i have with my audience. If I do well, we all do well. It's all about the giving back. If anyone is interested in finding out more please go to

There are definitely some artists [in Nashville] I love: Lauren Shera, Lera Lynn, Aaron Lee Tasjan, so many. But I would imagine they would see it in their best interest to self release also. Or at least work with a label that can offer them more than me. Still maybe at some point. If I found someone that believed in me and the idea, it would be great.

What is the secret to a well curled mustache -- one such as your own?

Ha ha ha. Number one is keeping it well groomed. Number two is the wax, i am using Rides at the moment which is great. But most importantly -- patience. It take a long time to train it to stay that way. Sweat certainly doesn't help so Nashville is a tough climate this time of year to keep it up. Still thanks very much.

In British literature, an albatross is often a symbol of psychological burden. Writers and sailors alike are warned against killing such avians, lest they encounter tragedy. What is it about these winged creatures that calls to you?

It's funny, I get asked this a lot. Honestly I am not really a big reader. It wasn't a conscious decision for these reasons. Although, I do feel like my music is always a representation of lessons in life, and certainly a message of hope, so perhaps it is fate that I should end up with a name that represents struggle. Life is hard, but trying to spread a message of hope makes it a little easier. We are all in it together. Perhaps it is a wild coincidence. Honestly, I chose it because I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. Plus it is a beautiful bird.

Desperate Times Best Forgotten, your next record, is in stores this month. What’s the general theme of the album?

I think all of my songs have an underlying theme of hope. No matter what happens it'll all be ok. It will always be ok. In the end. And if not, in the words of John Lennon, it's not the end. More specifically, this record is a representation of my physical and emotional journey to America, influenced by a lot of people along the way. I find life confusing, and difficult. I try to portray this in my songs while searching for understanding. But always letting others know, whatever happens, you are never alone. - The Bluegrass Situation


Out From Under, 2013

Desperate Times Best Forgotten, 
2015: Debut LP 


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 Simplicity; thats the key, and also; honesty. If you take those two things and merge them together something profound and beautiful is what will result. The music of, Albatross, (30 year old Adam Stockdale) focuses around this idea. In a world full of people trying their hardest to out do each other in whatever way fashion dictates in that week, Albatross' heartfelt and often philosophical songs offer some well needed relief. The masterly crafted tunes cut straight to the heart with lyrical themes rushing from love and life, but with added poignancy being brought to the table by the optimistic and inspiring message throughout. Often performed completely solo, accompanied by his astounding 'finger-picked' guitar Albatross' music is as real and honest as it comes. Like his heroes, John Martyn, Nick Drake and co. he understands that a truly great song will shine without fanciful dressing up.