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"5052"-August 2007



The phrase “We are not a band…We are a family,” gets spit from the mouth of every band out there these days, regardless of whether or not the true sentiment of family is actually present in the band dynamics. However, when the Sacramento based band Albatross Kneck says “we are a family,” it rings true. Tim Hennessy (Vocals, Guitar) and Kevin Hennessy (Drums) are brothers. Casey Montgomery (Guitar) and Cody LaCrue (Guitar,Vocals) are brothers, and Cooper Lencioni (Bass) is the cousin to Tim and Kevin.
Not only does similar blood run among the members of Albatross Kneck, but a similar address as well. All members have been living in the same house for two years. When Albatross Kneck says “We are a family,” they truly are a family.

All though they have shared the same address for a while, sharing a musical vision is a relatively new venture. While they all were playing, touring, and recording in their own bands, Albatross Kneck did not start playing as a unit until January of ’07. Not only was Albatross Kneck a new band for all of them, but many of the talents being put to use in the band were new roles for many of the members. Tim and Cody had never even attempted vocals when, after a few singers had auditioned, they decided to take over the roles themselves in April of 2007 and Cooper had only picked up the bass in December of ’06. Yet while they had a few members in roles that they had little experience in, night after night of rehearsals and entire days spent practicing in their home, quickly got them comfortable and tapped into a chemistry that made the band sound as if they had been playing together for years. This chemistry is clearly demonstrated on their debut release “Fifty Fifty Two,” (named after the address of thier sacramento home) which was released in August of ’07. While it was released only a few months after they had formed, they had the sound of a band that had been together for years. Of the 1000 orignally printed in August, Albatross Kneck had moved 700 of them through shows, street teams, and one-on-one self promotion, by Ocotober. The popularity of 5052 relies heavily on the first track "Academy of the Concern," which has recieved heavy play on northern california radio stations.
Albatross Kneck, unlike so many other bands who get caught up in image and myspace politics, is concerned with making music and playing music. They want to go on the road, put out music, and most importantly, melt some faces. To Albatross Kneck, music is real, something they can bring into the world, a tangible activity they can experience with each other and others. The fervor and hunger Albatross Kneck puts into making music is a manifestation of their message. To go out and do something , to go out and be something, to participate rather then view, to add something to the world rather then just consume, to make a stand on your belief, rather then make a stand on what others want you to believe. To take the world, before the world takes you.