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Albatross Overdrive

Huntington Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Huntington Beach, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Albatross Overdrive"

Albatross Overdrive is a heavy rock band formed in early 2005. Hail from the Huntington Beach, LA area. Have a 5 song EP under their belts "Songs for the Road" released in 2007. Now a few years later have full length self titled album out, and what an album it is!

Taking their influences which range from 70’s heavyweights like UFO, Mountain and Black Sabbath and putting those grooves in a blender with more contemporary bands like Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity. I also hear a bit of a southern twang ala Lynyrd_Skynyrd some grunginess of Soundgarden and even some funk creeps into the mix. But make no mistake about it; what we have here is just good honest booty shakin’ rock ‘n’ roll. Played with passion and love for music.

The soulful and powerful vocals of Dan Silva mix perfectly with the gritty riffs jammed into your ears by axe-man Andrew Luddy, all while Rodney Peralta (Drums) and Davey Obade (Bass Guitar) keep the backbone strong. A head-bobbing, white-knuckle, high-octane joy-ride is what’s in store here, and not to be left out of your music collection. Albatross Overdrive is available world wide on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and other online stores. Get your groove on..
Reviewed by Adam Walsh

- Planet Fuss

"Albatross Overdrive"

Albatross Overdrive are a band from Huntington Beach, California made up of Dan Silva on vocals, Rodney Peralta on drums, Andrew Luddy on guitar and Davey Obade on bass guitar. I don't normally do this but read this from Kamp Arizona.Edu - "Albatross Overdrive produces a rather generic metal-rock sound. Nothing is really distinctive about the group. That isn't to say they aren't competent, because as their website says, "We are an extremely attractive and polished band with high levels of formal music training. Our ears are honed to that of a canine and animal magnetism of a lion." They're ok, not great." WTF, talk about missing the point ! Sure they are not original but they kick some major ass and have all the vital ingredients to wipe the floor with most other bands in the stoner-metal genre. We are not talking doom here or psychedelic or self-indulgent progressive metal, this is pure ass kickin southern style heavy rock played with feeling, passion and a good slice of soul especially in the vocals. My first impression was they sounded a little like Sasquatch and then realized they not only come from the same area but played gigs with that band in the Orange County area. Maybe that Sasquatch magic wore off on them somehow, if you like Sasquatch, Ride The Sun and bands of that ilk, then you will dig this.

From the opener "Big Bear" to the closing "Calico" this is back to back killer and there is no filler to be heard. The quality of the 70's style riffage is so powerfully infectious you immediately think of the 70's gods of bluesy rock, bands like Mountain, Captain Beyond and Cactus are just three that sound like they might have influenced these guys. From a modern perspective, this band crank up slow grooves to mid-tempo head-snapping passages which will knock you in the dirt. "Ghost Ride" is a song, so classic you think it has to be ripped off from somewhere but try to think where and you will come up empty. This gives the band their strength, they deliver infectious riffs and vocals and yet have their own identity. The playing is top-notch throughout the album and it has the mighty production to match. The tunes chug along with the force of a steam train, never stopping apart from the odd slow tempo shift. "Mammoth" is a song that immediately gets the juices flowing, it is all about the riffs man and this band seem to have an endless supply. In "Mammoth" the song takes off in a wild guitar solo section that only runs for a minute or so but you wish it would continue for an hour. It's the kind of exciting rock and roll that can be matched by a swag of 70's hard rock bands but very few from the modern era. The bluesy vocals in combination with the equally passionate guitar work is awe-inspiring enough but when it is backed up with the bands solid bass and drum pummeling, the end result is hair-raising. This is perfect driving music especially if you are lucky enough to own a classic 70's muscle car, jump in, hit the gas and crank this monster up and you will have the time of your life.

Its is just as impossible to pick a favorite track as it is to find a weak track, "Cry Freedom," "Coal Fire Woman," "Tijuana Train Wreck" and "Calico" are all high-octane rockers and "Bad Mama Jama" is an early favorite for my song of 2011. This band has come into my world as a total surprise, when I received a burned copy of the album through a friend, I didn't know what to expect but all I can say is this some the finest hard rock released on the un-expecting world in the last few years. It is no frills rock in some aspects but yet again, the band is very tight. They are not really original but yet have their own sound so can you get what I am going here ? You don't ? Well neither do I, I just like blabbering on about this band. This band might be known by many on their local circuit by no one I have spoken to has ever heard of them and they are on the Train Wreckords label and I have never heard of that label either so they are a bit of a mystery to me. I am just glad they have found their way on-to my playlist, this is a great album........9.5/10
- Doommancia

"Albatross Overdrive (Full Review)"

Once again I have to thank Chybucca Sounds for turning me onto these guys. Plain and simple, these guys fucking rock! This is one of two that would’ve made my top 20 list had I not discovered them after I made my list. Make no mistake about it, it would’ve scored pretty high. Albatross Overdrive is a 4 piece from Huntington Beach, California. Words simply cannot describe how kick ass of an album this is. Albatross Overdrive play some fine, loud, in your face, steel toe boot in your ass rock and roll. It’s rooted deeply in hard rock with plenty of blues rock and a little metal sprinkled throughout. If you’re familiar with Ride the Sun, Grifter or Lo-Pan, that’s a close representation of who they sound like.

Their self titled album, also their debut, starts off heavy and doesn’t let up until it’s over. Catch your breath before you start it up, there’s no rest in between songs or no fluffy calm down for a song in between. The album is 52 minutes long and while with most albums that can be to much, 52 minutes is simply not long enough in this case.

There’s a few big hitters like the opening track “Big Bear”, “Bad Mama Jama” and “Mammoth”. Arguably the best tracks on the disc. It’s not to discredit the other tracks like “Ghost Ride”, “Cry Freedom”, “Coal Fire Woman” or “Tijuana Train Wreck”. Hell, “Calico” is such a cool song it’s on there twice. The first time in it’s final form as the 6th track and the second in demo form as the closing track. This is simply put, an all killer no filler album.

Be warned when driving on short trips and listening to this album, you won’t want to get out of your car until it’s over. Good luck explaining to the wife why it took over and hour to go 2 blocks for milk. You can hear for yourself at the band’s Myspace page. Once you’ve listened for a bit and are convinced this is a must have, head on over to their website and order your copy, you will not be disappointed.

- The Soda Shop

"New band to burn one to"

I will go on record to say that if it wasn’t for Chybucca sounds top 50 of 2010, it may have been a while before I heard of this fine kick ass rock and roll band. They describe them as “The Huntington Beach four-piece hint at what Black Sabbath may have sounded like had Duane Allman been on the axe. Their sound is southern, but not fried, and full-on without being pigeonholed into metal.” That’s a pretty accurate description. You can hear hints of Kyuss but the sound more closely resembles Ride the Sun or to a lesser degree, Whores of Tijuana.

- The Soda Shop / Heavy Planet

"Albatross Overdrive"

“James Brown in an earthquake”, is how these soulful Californian’s describe their sound, as they turn up the octaves in preparation for twelve tracks of maximum fuzz.

The Huntington Beach four-piece hint at what Black Sabbath may have sounded like had Duane Allman been on the axe. Their sound is southern, but not fried, and full-on without being pigeonholed into metal.

A distorted heaviness welcomes in ‘Big Bear’ finding vocalist Dan Silva in a defiant mood: “Reach for me mama/I’ve gone to the top of the mountain and I ain’t coming home.”

Andrew Luddy’s incoming bouncing hook gives credence to Silva’s non-negotiable attitude. An approach that will have mosher’s bobbing their heads in anticipation for when the band hit the road.

Soulful vocals and killer licks continue well into ‘Ghost Ride’ and beyond, where the listener is again treated to Luddy’s energetic fret-picking.

The nucleus of Albatross’ sound stretches back to 2005, when they were regulars on the Orange County circuit.

The acknowledgement and endorsement by neighbours Sasquatch and Anglo Jackson (who the guys refer to as: “a brother band”) will help them break free from the burden of their home state, that has been hanging around their necks for far too long.

- Chybucca Sounds

"Base Guitar Magazine"

Published June 2007

Dear Guitar World's Bass Guitar,
You can have these pages back and I threw the Good Charlotte dude in there as a bonus. As far as the "Let's stay together (Again)" column...I'd rather see a washed up runion of the Police tour than Fall Out Boy in their prime.


Davey Obade
- Guitar World

"Unknown Fan"

I saw these guys live in Huntington Beach, CA and they rocked! Granted I was a little toasted but I REALLY liked every song - and I'm not kidding - EVERY song jammed and was great. Good sound, great musicianship all around. Check 'em out. Can't wait for the album.
- Unknown

"Albatross Overdrive"

Self-described "no image" rock unit Albatross Overdrive are led by singer Dan Silva, whose heavy pipes provide a Bob Seager-like punch to the band's rootsy rock tunes. Their swampy hard-rock sound (similar in attach to Maylene & Sons of Disaster) is epitomized by the burly, lumbering "Big Bear" and the quicker paced "Ghost Ride." Both songs rock hard............. - Music Connection


We released "Songs for the Road" in 2007 which is a 5 song EP. Shortly after played shows around Orange County, LA, appeared on Fankie Doll's show with streaming video. The single "Tijuana Train Wreck" is getting airplay on indy 104 LA along with airplay on with the second tune "Drag The Lake". The band has released the long awaited CD Feb. 27th, 2010 and is available world wide on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and other online stores.

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Albatross Overdrive is a heavy rock band formed in early 2005 with a DIY philosophy. The nucleus was made up of Art Campos on vocals, Rodney Peralta on drums, Andrew Luddy on guitar and Davey Obade on bass guitar. Working hard yet naturally to write songs to accompany influences ranging from bands like UFO, Mountain, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden, to Clutch, Rage against the Machine and Pearl Jam.

 Albatross Overdrive hit the local bar and club scene to test their live performance. Local shows around Orange County included Fitzgeralds, Blue Cafe Long Beach, The Knitting Factory and playing with local bands such as Sasquatch, Anglo Jackson, Leatherwolf, Amplifiers, and Sky Wreck. Later dates included playing House Of Blues and The Key Club in which they were an opener for Steel Panther aka Metal Skool.

 During the live performances and between studio practices, Albatross Overdrive recorded a 5 song demo at Griff Dogs records in Huntington Beach with local engineer Derek Phillips, loosely titled, "Songs for the Road."
After settling into their own in late 2009, the sound of Albatross Overdrive had reached a new level. Live shows seemed to prove what they were capable of and what they had to offer. In 2010 they purchase an old tour bus named Oh Susannah once used by Lynyrd Skynyrd and set out to play anywhere they could book regionally.
After recording a full length 11 song album, Rodney has been coined the "one take wonder" and the combination of Davey on bass keep the rhythm section on track. According to the band, the guitar work is inspirational and the powerful vocals help keep the sound heavy. Staying with the DIY style, drummer Rodney Peralta formed the record company Train Wreckords to release the album and continues with relentless band promotion.

Non- image based rock and roll, Clint Eastwood never wore make up or painted his nails, and neither should you. Let the music decide. -Davey Obade

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