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"Music Reviews"

Out of all the excellent attributes this recording possesses, the one that simultaneously intrigues and frustrates me, is the utter unclassifiability of the music. Albatross Party fits neatly into no genre, somehow breaking fertile ground without sounding altogether unfamiliar. Rock, r&b, tango, swing and jazz all factor prominently in the recording, but each song seems built from the ground up, each possessing its own personality. Nothing on this album sounds forced or out of place, and the band has a great working knowledge of when to lay back and when to let fly with both musical barrels. When reviewing an album from a band with so much talent, it can be hard to mention everything that deserves special recognition (the rhythm section is super tight, by the way), but I'd be remiss if I failed to comment on the incredible vocal work of Tiziana Severse. Not content to join the ranks of the breathy, demure style of so many female vocalists, Severse belts it out to the back row with a style that would be right at home in straight-up pop, hip hop or even on Broadway. In one of the album's stand-out tracks "Where Have You Been?" - a sassy, hard-driving, trombone-laden swing number - she even gives Gwen Stefani a run for her money. Sometimes wonderfully dissonant and other times focused and driving, guitarist Brent Baldwin seems to have an uncanny knack of knowing when to use that distorted guitar I love so much. Whereas I might use it as a main course, Baldwin uses it as a spice, garnishing the recording with brief stabs of overdrive, bringing to mind such guitarists as Primus's Larry LaLonde, The Toadies' Charles Mooney and Tool's Adam Jones. Usually, after reviewing an album, I donate it to one of the fine, independent music retailers in our area. But this one I'm keeping. Sorry Harvest, but I'm sure you guys already have a few copies. - Bold Life Magazine

"Quick Quotes"

"The album moves and is built around lead singer Tiziana Severse’s big and powerful voice. The song’s that work (like “The Morning After” and “Where Have You Been?”) are built around a big expansive rhythm and crunchy guitars. The choruses are big and memorable....(making you)take notice of what is happening" (Blogger Jason Bugg, Fuzztonezine)

"In addition to their energetic and talented musicianship, Albatross Party’s four members are affable, curious, and involved people" Gordon Smith, Scrutiny Hulligans - Various


Our self-titled debut album was released in September 2009. It can be found on iTunes, eMusic, and Rhapsody.



"Albatross Party fits neatly into no genre, somehow breaking fertile ground without sounding altogether unfamiliar."(Brent Fleury, Bold Life Magazine)
Albatross Party is the culmination of years of music experience on the part of its members. With backgrounds as varied as church choir and high school band, to experimental noise rock and metal, each of the members bring a unique perspective and flavor to the over all sound. All songs are written collaboratively, often giving each song a personal flare, making this band stand out from many of it peers. The interpersonal relationships between the members also make for a more intimate live show experience, as Albatross Party is the third band started by bass player Andy Bishop and guitarist Brent Baldwin, who've been playing music together for more than 10 years.