Albatross Party

Albatross Party


Albatross Party is an eclectic four piece rock band from Asheville NC. We use expansive drum beats and various styles of instrumentation, from bass and guitar, to trombone and accordion, to provide a backdrop for the powerful vocals of front woman Tiziana Severse.


"Albatross Party fits neatly into no genre, somehow breaking fertile ground without sounding altogether unfamiliar."(Brent Fleury, Bold Life Magazine)
Albatross Party is the culmination of years of music experience on the part of its members. With backgrounds as varied as church choir and high school band, to experimental noise rock and metal, each of the members bring a unique perspective and flavor to the over all sound. All songs are written collaboratively, often giving each song a personal flare, making this band stand out from many of it peers. The interpersonal relationships between the members also make for a more intimate live show experience, as Albatross Party is the third band started by bass player Andy Bishop and guitarist Brent Baldwin, who've been playing music together for more than 10 years.


Where Have You Been

Written By: Tiziana Severse

Here it comes now, the great excuse
how you didn't feel "save to drive"
and you didn't want me to feel used so you didn't call
for a ride

Here it comes now, the "I love you's"
But you're twisting the same old knife
you're just pouring salt on an open wound so tell me dear

Where have you been love
you smell like a fight
Where have you been love
you know I waited
tossing and turning for your safe return so just tell me dea
Where'd you spend the night

Now you're throwing up your hands
As through it were crazy for me to assume
but its not the first time you've stumbled in
smelling strongly of
Cheep perfume

You know its the last time that I play the fool
You know its the last time, I turn a blind eye
You know its the last time you break my heart with your foolish lies
but I said that last time


Our self-titled debut album was released in September 2009. It can be found on iTunes, eMusic, and Rhapsody.

Set List

Our set list is usually 45min to an hour long, and include a sampling of songs from our recently released album as well as 4-6 brand new songs off our upcoming EP. The one cover we play is "I want you back" by the Jackson Five.