Think 'Jazz/Fusion/Smooth/Funk' and meld it with 'Steely Dan'. Throw in a little McLaughlin, Jean-Luc Ponty, Santana, Yellow Jackets and season with Rogers and Hammerstein, Aretha, and A.Jobim. Oh yes, don't forget some Rachmaninoff and Mozart...Yep - you've got ALBEDO nailed now!


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Across The Horizon

Written By: Thomas Curtner

Across The Horizon

copyright 2005, Thomas D. Curtner

Wasn’t so long ago, wasn’t so far away.
Wasn’t so hard to play, the game we found between us…
Life was much simpler then, we found such joy as friends,
Then shadows crept right in, between our lives….

Across The Horizon, there lies an ocean,
that’s fed by the rivers, which flow from my tears.
I heard the wind whisper, as you walked away from my heart,
And now I am calling, calling for you.

We would run through the fields, down to the river, there such joy,
The water would quench all thirst, the sky was deep blue then,
The sound of your beating heart, you put your hands in mine
As our lips touched again, we were almost in heaven…

Across The Horizon, there lies an ocean,
that’s fed by the rivers, which flow from my tears.
I felt the wind whisper, as you walked away from my heart,
Do you hear me calling, calling for you?

Tomorrow, Forever, are so slow to come….
When you’re searching desperately for the only one.
You’re the only one…

Alien Hatchery

Written By: Thomas Curtner

Alien Hatchery
copyright 2004 , Thomas D. Curtner
partial to Richard, Sharon and Vicky

Vs/Ch combo
A weird thing happened, hikin’ in the mountains in May.
Vicky and Sharon were taken, to where they cannot say,
They fell into a time warp, some think they met ‘The Greys’...
Now their memories fail them, tryin’ to reconstruct that day
Now Vicky’s got a little problem, can’t work her tummy away. Uh-uh.
And Sharon’s growing larger, I mean like in ‘the way’ ,I’ve heard say.

Sharon’s losing her mind, the dreams won’t go away.
Vicky’s visions haunt her, with every passing day.
They sense a special feeling, each time either IT does move.
The two seem quite connected, though they barely have a clue...
It’s the alien hatchery, alien hatchery. Green goo, in you…
It’s the alien hatchery, alien hatchery blues, they’re not through...

Aliens makin' babies, for what we do not know.
Perhaps they just like farming with the earthlings in neat rows.
Their numbers must be growing, with abductions every day...
We try to guess the reasons, that they interbreed this way.
Just 30 day's gestation, has the world's demise been planned?
Alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries, it’s bad, oh man….

Grey creatures stood around them, as on tables they did lay.
Restraints were attached to them, and strange voices they heard say.
Trust us, as we research, your earth's biology...
The tests we run won't hurt at all, be good, we'll set you free...
you'll be alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries, so fine. Just in time.
Alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries, fine wine, not a crime!

One and one makes three. Does two an two make six?
Are those really alien babies, is it why the girls are sick?
If daddy comes to visit, from a bright light on the lawn.
If mother ship’s seen hoverin’, some damn ET has phoned home.
Well they’re alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries. Oh no…shouldn’t go.
Well they’re alien hatcheries, well I guess they’re on loan.

The screams are coming closer now, they’re certainly in pain.
Delivery of these little ones, are driving them insane..
The WHOOSH! of an arrival, a guest not of this earth,
Has come to collect offspring, let’s hope they’re not breech births!
They are alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries, so warm. So homey…
They are alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries, wow! foamy! I think they’re growing….

They are alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries, I’m scared, are you too?
They are alien hatcheries, alien hatcheries, well I feel I’ve got some puking to do…
( I mean THAT SMELL, it’s really terrible, hey could you move over Vicky, Sharon, I gotta rest a minute. Their names are what? HERMAN and SHERMAN??? That ain’t right! How about Star Kid & Comet Boy, or Plae and Deese??? What?….is that, that, an Antenna???? iiickkk!@!!!)

What Goes Up

Written By: Thomas Curtner

What Goes Up
Copyright 11/25/2000 Thomas D. Curtner
rev. 09/02/2003, TDC : straight ahead big band.

VsI. (D)
Afternoon nap took me away…Storm rollin’ in on distant shore.
There I stood, as you started movin’ towards me. Soon we were touching, heard the ocean roar…
Hope this scene’s never ending. I need you. No pretending.
Will you stay? All my love with you I’m spending.
Made a wish, I closed my eyes. Now you’re showin’ me that…
What goes up, doesn’t always come down…
You wind me tighter, you send my love up and around.
I can’t feel the ground anymore.
My heart’s in orbit, I guess what goes up ain’t comin’ down no more!
Waves crashed, lightnin’ lead the thunder In a dance I never will forget…
The storm spread from our lips down to our toes. Yeah, Time stood still, and it ain’t started up yet …
The more I rearched for love, the more it slipped away.
Instead this time, I just let go…. Lovely fantasy’s now captured me.
I’ll not constrain, this love for you, so let it be, that

FORM: INTO, Vs1, Br, Ch, VsII, Br, Ch, BrII, Ch, Ch, tag, out.


I have allowed several singles onto other musician's CDs, which to my knowledge have only sold locally. Mostly my gospel and contemporary christian songs. Am a BMI affiliated writer. ALBEDO just released the Dolphin Watch CD, and about to release a live CD. I would have done more, but becuase I have been woodshedding for 20+ years, and am now coming out...well, you know, it takes time!

Set List

5 - 9 songs, jazz length (4 - 8 minutes in length), all original. Sometimes we just don't stop!!
We'll normally do two or three sets, depending on the management, the mood, and the free pizza (just kidding).