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San Jose, California, United States

San Jose, California, United States
Band Pop Rock


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"An Intimate Evening with Albert Aguilar at Bend Studio"

October 8th, 2006 by Zach Lewis in Dallas Area Live Music Reviews

Let’s see. Where to begin? This last week and a half has been pretty busy for me. I think this is the first chance I’ve had in that time to be at home, and not asleep for more than an hour or so. So there is much to blog about, but still not much time. I’m thinking this post is going to be a double post for the two shows I went to go see this weekend. Or maybe I’ll just do two shorter reviews…..After I get this one wrapped up I’ll move on to the UT vs. OU post.

The first show I went to see was the CD release party for Albert Aguilar. Albert saw some of the pics I took on Ian Moore’s myspace page, and sent me a note to let me know about his show at Bend. I really didn’t think I was going to be able to make it to the show, but it turns out that I was meeting someone down in that part of town that same day, and we were finished right about the same time as the show was supposed to start. Wouldn’t you know I had my camera with me, so it worked out just perfectly.

Albert had a great turn out for his release party. It was standing room only, and more packed than I’ve seen any Thursday night show. The audience was filled with younger people than I’m used to. I asked Albert if he had any female friends who were not beautiful. If he does, none of them made it to the show. Pretty much every girl in the studio was stunning. I have to admit, it makes the show that much better when you are surrounded by beautiful people!

The show opened with Albert’s brother Adam playing a solo set. Adam has a very strong booming voice and an uptempo style. He was a lot of fun to listen to and did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up. After hearing Adam and Albert, I think I’d also like to hear them play together.

Shortly there after, Albert took the stage with a bass and drum player backing him up with his guitar. The music I would say was light rock(ish), with a very instrumental and vocal focus. Albert’s voice is a lot more gentle than his brother’s voice. If I had to take a stab at who is voice sounds like, I would have to say Jason Kay from Jamiroquai. Be not confused! Albert’s voice sounds like Jason’s , but their styles are very differnt.Now his style isn’t like Jason’s, but his voice sounded very similar. However, if Albert ever wanted to do some funky cover songs durring a set, he has the tools to do it for sure.

Since I see a lot of small music shows, I have come to the understanding that there tends to be two types of guitar players. The first is proficient with the instrument. They play well, keep the rhythm and make great music. However, the guitar for them is something they use to back up their real skill and talent : singing and songwriting. The second type are passionate about the instrument and take the musical experience to another level. Albert is a guitarist. He is the type of person who could make a living in music just playing the guitar even if he didn’t sing. Having that type of talent on top of a great voice really improves the quality of the show and of the listening experience. I really enjoyed his music, as did the rest of his friends and family who made it out to celebrate his CD release. I would defiantly recommend going to see Albert or his brother Adam play if they are in your area. - Zach Lewis

"Take Two"

Oklahoma native Albert Aguilar is set to release his debut full-length album ‘Hear Me.’ He’ll play VZD’s Friday.
By Jay C. Upchurch

A full house at Bend Studio consists of 85 audience members, the venue staff, that particular evening’s headliner and maybe an opening act. On a good night, the cozy little listening room in Dallas’ Uptown section holds around 100 music enthusiasts, all told.

By contrast, the nearby American Airlines Center regularly features soldout shows that draw crowds upward of 20,000 people.

The two venues are, for all intents and purposes, on the opposite ends of the concert scale. Like most promising young musicians, Albert Aguilar dreams of one day playing in front of a packed American Airlines Center audience. But for the moment, the 24-year-old singer/songwriter is content to grace the stage at Bend Studio and share his music with more intimate company.

Aguilar would like nothing better than to push the fast-forward button on his musical career and shout out to the masses. But with his independent debut solo CD “Hear Me” set for pre-release at Bend on Oct. 5, he remains patient and focused on what he hopes will be the eventual road to success.

“I’ve been the other route where I wanted to fast-track it and where I didn’t realize you have to work hard and pay your dues to really make it in this business,” said Aguilar, pointing to his move from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles in 2002.

Handsome, talented and self-confident, Aguilar figured he was a can’t-miss prospect when, at age 21, he packed his guitar and the rest of his belongings into his Jeep Cherokee and headed for the West Coast. His goal was to play as many live gigs as possible in an attempt to capture the ear of a record label executive or two with his distinctive blend of pop, soul and blues.

The rest, of course, would be music history.

But after a year of struggling just to survive, Aguilar realized he was in over his head.

“I really thought I’d get out there and get in front of a label, get heard and get a record deal,” admitted the former Putnam City North graduate, who turns 25 on Friday. “It was discouraging because it just didn’t happen. That was hard to swallow. But more importantly, the overall experience showed me I had to work a lot harder and that I needed to be more patient.”

While he was not ready back then to take the next step in his music career — despite his passion and amazing abilities both as a musician and vocalist — Aguilar feels his time drawing near.

“My music is growing. I really want people to hear what I have to offer, and I feel I have a great opportunity with this new CD,” said Aguilar.

Most of “Hear Me” is based on Aguilar’s life experiences, dating back to his childhood when his father, Ned, would have him and his brothers Adam and Alex sing three-part harmony in their living room.

In reality, Bend Studio isn’t that much bigger than the Aguilar family’s old living room. But the place holds a certain magic that keeps well-known artists like Charlie Sexton, Ian Moore and Bob Schneider coming back for more.

Of course, Albert Aguilar wouldn’t mind adding his name to that list some day soon. For more information, visit
- Jay Upchurch


Albert Aguilar
Hear Me


There’s an unmistakable sheen to Oklahoma-raised Albert Aguilar’s pop-glossed rock, one which no doubt will make many think of contemporary troubadours such as John Mayer, Ari Hest or Teddy Thompson. Such polish isn’t a hindrance, but could dissuade many from digging a little deeper into Aguilar’s solo debut, “Hear Me.”

A lifelong infatuation with music and a stint as Sub Roza’s lead guitarist guarantee that Aguilar has the chops to realize his compositions; what surprises is the relatively benign lyrical and musical content — competent and inoffensive, certainly, but not particularly engaging, either. Aguilar has survived the uncertainties inherent to a dedicated artist’s life, but you wouldn’t know it to hear tracks like “Revolution” or “Gravity” — sprinkling his work with a bit of angst might provide the spark that catches greater attention. Aguilar will celebrate the release of “Hear Me” 8 p.m. tonight at the Blue Door, 2805 N. McKinley.

Visit for more information.

By Preson Jones
Oklahoma Gazette
Direct link to article
- Preston Jones


CD title: Hear Me

1. box of dreams
2. revolution
3. hear me
4. movie star
5. 203
6. gravity
7. secrets
8. nine
9. fallen
10. let go
11. chasers

- EP (Summer 09)
No Rush
Your Love



Born on the West Coast, but raised in Oklahoma Albert Aaron Aguilar had an instant love for music. At the tender age of 13 Albert began attempting to build his own guitar out of a piece of cardboard and rubber bands, after his first request for a guitar was denied. His parents, seeing his desire and dedication to build a makeshift guitar, quickly took Albert to 39th street pawn and bought him a $35.00 electric guitar. Needless to say...this wasn't just another childish phase. At the age of Fifteen Albert started playing lead guitar for Sub Roza along side his older brother Adam Aguilar's captivating vocals.

For five years Sub Roza played across Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. When the bands efforts weren't gaining the results they had hoped, Albert began canvassing his own abilities to write music. Hearing his heartfelt vocals accompanied only by his newly found love for an acoustic guitar was something undeniable, and also something that had to be explored. Albert soon after, with his band mates and brothers blessing, left Sub Roza to pursue his solo career. Green as can be, Albert packed up everything he could fit into his Jeep Cherokee and headed back West, but this time it was Los Angeles.

Experiencing the life of a starving artist and playing any shows he could book, Albert soon realized he was not yet prepared for L.A., swallowed his pride, and headed back home. Gathering everything he learned and evaluating any mistakes, Albert has pushed on through to a point in his music that is undeniable to any ear. From his vivid lyrics to his dynamic and soulful fingers, Albert Aguilar is soon to become a voice that will be received by anyone with a lucid mind.