Albert Aguilar Band

Albert Aguilar Band

 San Jose, California, USA

An absolute fusion of pop, rock, and blues.


Born on the West Coast, but raised in Oklahoma Albert Aaron Aguilar had an instant love for music. At the tender age of 13 Albert began attempting to build his own guitar out of a piece of cardboard and rubber bands, after his first request for a guitar was denied. His parents, seeing his desire and dedication to build a makeshift guitar, quickly took Albert to 39th street pawn and bought him a $35.00 electric guitar. Needless to say...this wasn't just another childish phase. At the age of Fifteen Albert started playing lead guitar for Sub Roza along side his older brother Adam Aguilar's captivating vocals.

For five years Sub Roza played across Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. When the bands efforts weren't gaining the results they had hoped, Albert began canvassing his own abilities to write music. Hearing his heartfelt vocals accompanied only by his newly found love for an acoustic guitar was something undeniable, and also something that had to be explored. Albert soon after, with his band mates and brothers blessing, left Sub Roza to pursue his solo career. Green as can be, Albert packed up everything he could fit into his Jeep Cherokee and headed back West, but this time it was Los Angeles.

Experiencing the life of a starving artist and playing any shows he could book, Albert soon realized he was not yet prepared for L.A., swallowed his pride, and headed back home. Gathering everything he learned and evaluating any mistakes, Albert has pushed on through to a point in his music that is undeniable to any ear. From his vivid lyrics to his dynamic and soulful fingers, Albert Aguilar is soon to become a voice that will be received by anyone with a lucid mind.


CD title: Hear Me

1. box of dreams
2. revolution
3. hear me
4. movie star
5. 203
6. gravity
7. secrets
8. nine
9. fallen
10. let go
11. chasers

- EP (Summer 09)
No Rush
Your Love

Set List

Shows are typically 80% originals and 20% covers. The cover tunes range anywhere from Radio Head, Gnarls Barkley, to Kings of Leon. The sets are generally from 10pm to 1:30am.