Albert Del Rio

Albert Del Rio

 New York City, New York, USA

*2010 International Folk Alliance Showcase Artist *High-energy foot-stomping butt-shaking eye-watering original solo acoustic soul folk and blues. *Two-time "Best of NYC" Award Winner * Mountain Stage Live Open Round Finalist * ALBERT'S LIVE SOLO SHOW IS A MUST SEE!


Some quick highlights for those short on time:

* 2010 International Folk Alliance Showcase Artist

* Two time "Best of NYC" award winner

* Recently played live show on 104.2 Nile FM (Cairo, Egypt) for 4-5 million listeners

* 2010 Upcoming performances in Brazil,Columbia, Egypt, and France

* 2009 Performances in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt

* 2008 Performances in The Azores, Portugal

* 2006 Mountain Stage New Song Festival Live Open Round Finalist

Here's the nitty-gritty:

*What does Albert Del Rio do?*

Albert Del Rio is one of the nation’s best solo singer songwriters. His style has been called “a unique blend of passion and rhythm” with “haunting, soulful vocals” and a “clever, offbeat lyrical approach.” Albert’s high-energy solo acoustic show is a powerful showcase of cathartic vocals, catchy grooves, innovative guitar playing, lyrical force, and funny faces.

*What does Albert Del Rio sound like?*

Albert Del Rio has a unique voice, distinctive driving rhythmic finger style guitar work, and strong lyrical content. Comparisons have been drawn to Martin Sexton, Amos Lee, Paolo Nutini, Jack Johnson, Ray Lamontagne, John Mayer, and Brett Dennen. Albert’s music is high energy, all original soul folk and
blues. He is a treat for average listeners and discerning musicians alike, as he often uses alternate guitar tunings and multiple capos to achieve unique tonalities and musical colors.

*Why should you book Albert Del Rio?*

Albert Del Rio is a great performer, and has a must see live show. He has over four hours of original solo acoustic music ready to go. His music touches a variety of genres and appeals to several audiences, including young urban hipsters, traditional folksters, rhythm and blues lovers, new country listeners, as well as pop fans.

* Where did Albert Del Rio come from?*

Albert is the former lead vocalist and drummer of Clambone Records recording artists Smokehouse Prophets, an alternative funk act. While with this project, Albert played numerous clubs and concert venues with famous acts including P-Funk with George Clinton, B.B King, Blondie, Creed, The Foo Fighters, Jewel, Little Feat, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dr.John, Soul Asylum, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Toni Trishka, The Subdudes, Scott Weiland, Gatemouth Brown, Echo and the Bunnymen, Fastball, Harvey Danger, and others.

During the group's five years of touring and recording, Albert's "aggressive funk rhythms", "unique vocal stylings", and "off-beat lyrical approach" helped garner both the band and himself widespread critical acclaim and a large following; Smokehouse Prophets was voted as one of the nation's top unsigned bands by Discmakers U.S.A.

Following the band's breakup, Albert had a life changing epiphany listening to Ani DiFranco that inspired him to go straight out, buy a guitar and start writing. It wasn't long before Albert started taking it to the stage solo, guitar in hand, with new original material. He is dedicated to bringing his unique blend of passion and rhythm to the masses and to date the reviews have shown he is hitting the mark (see review sheet.)

Albert was recently a showcase performer at the 2010 International Folk Alliance Conference. In addition to the two "Best of NYC Singer Songwriter" awards, Albert has showcased at the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in NYC, an event hosted by the National Association of Popular Music/National Songwriters Guild, an event featuring the nation's best upcoming songwriters and performers. Albert has appeared on NBC's "Extra", Univision, NY One Metro news, and numerous local TV broadcasts.

Albert recently performed in The Azores, Portugal, and Cairo, Egypt, including a live radio performance for more than 5 million listeners.

Albert presently has an endorsement agreement with Martin Guitars.

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Studio Live

These tracks are streaming at my website

Set List

Alberts has over three hours of original solo acoustic material. The sets mix moods and rhythms. From hard grooving acoustic soul folk funk, to heartbreaking slow and sweet ballads, and everything in between. Themes range from politics and love gone right and wrong, to stories from the road and the wisdom won mostly the hard way.

Here are some of the songs in regular set rotation:

Free, The One, Make This Man, Rain, Consolation Prize, Breathe, Rusty, How The World Is Won, Free, In Between, You Were Meant to Be Mine, Piggy, Only Love, Tourist, Meteor, How About You, Deep Seeded Adolescent Fears, Snow, How Little Do We Know, Sidestep, Doomed, Untrainable Monkey, Cool, More, Inconsiderate Bastard, Colony, 41X, and plenty more. He's always adding new tunes.