Albert Del Rio

Albert Del Rio

 New York City, New York, USA

Albert Del Rio has been called one of the nation’s "best solo singer songwriters", playing award wining original acoustic soul folk and blues, blending “haunting, soulful vocals”, "unique percussive guitar,” and "lyrical genius." He was featured at the 2010 International Folk Alliance Conference.


What does Albert Del Rio do?

Albert Del Rio is one of the nation’s best solo singer songwriters. His style has been called “a unique blend of passion and rhythm” with “haunting, soulful vocals” and a “clever, off-beat lyrical approach.” Albert’s high-energy solo acoustic show is a powerful showcase of cathartic vocals, catchy grooves, innovative guitar playing, lyrical force, and funny faces.

What does Albert Del Rio sound like?

Albert Del Rio has a unique voice, distinctive guitar style, and strong lyrical content. Comparisons have been drawn to Martin Sexton, Amos Lee, Ani DiFranco, Jack Johnson, Ray Lamontagne, and John Mayer. Albert’s music is high energy, all original soul folk and blues. He is a treat for average listeners and discerning musicians alike, as he often uses alternate guitar tunings and multiple capos to achieve unique tonalities and musical colors.

Why should you book Albert Del Rio?

Albert Del Rio is a great live performer, and truly has a one of a kind sound. His music touches a variety of genres and appeals to several audiences, including traditional folksters, rhythm and blues lovers, new country listeners, as well as pop fans. Albert has won two “Best of New York City” Singer/Songwriter performance award from UMO Music NYC, and appears on their Best of NYC Compilation CDs. Albert was chosen to perform at the 2010 International Folk Alliance Conference, and has performed in the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase, an event hosted by the National Songwriters Guild and National Association of Popular Music. He has also been live round finalist at the Mountain Stage New Song Festival. Albert has also appeared in Billboard Magazine, on NBC’s “Extra”, Univision’s “Primer Impacto”, and in the film “The Sweet Life”. Albert attracts both national and international attention; he has performed in England, Egypt, and in the Azores (Portugal), and has upcoming shows in Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, France, and New Zealand. For more info and music please visit:



Written By: Albert Del Rio


Metal on metal, bone on bone
the sins of out fathers
are grinding home (scrape string sound..)

Racing down the mountain, sliding off the tracks
dead man curve's a killer
when the brake man’s high on smack

Can you see the ghosts of buffalo roam
when your heart’s made out of stone?

Insult to injury, assault to war
so drunk with our righteousness
forget what we are fighting for (triplet double string bend)

Pen to paper, the future frames the past
empire is a tricky thing
that never seems to last

Can you feel your never all alone
when your mind’s are made out of stone?

The wind and rain will bring us friction
and break us back to dust
so we build a shelter in our soul
to pass along the spark which makes us whole
that which makes us diamonds out of coal
the greatest secret story never told...

Jihad on reason when christians lost the Christ
and brother Saul fires all his guns
into a darker night

Borrower and lender can't afford the price
the contract of survival
is written on the dice

Can you hear the he planet on the phone
When your soul’s made out of stone?

Can you find the answers on your own
When your life’s made out of stone?

© Albert Del Rio (ASCAP)

Hard Life

Written By: Albert Del Rio

Hard Life

The cowboys are all hipsters
The hipsters are all sheep
The sheep have got an old guitar
And they al have a new release
It’s a world that finds this soulful cynic
Sleeping in the streets
Dreaming about a pack of brand new strings

Blood is turned to oil
Oil is turned to dust
Dust is mixed with sweat and fears
To plaster up our trust
Shiny strips of hype and lies
Tie down the brewing fuss
Leaving truth to the junkies and the thieves

It’s a a hard, hard life
These are dark, dark, times
And when you shine all of your light
They try and make it harder

The presidents a puppet
Who forgot that he’s on stage
The stage becomes a pulpit
For those who’d have you saved
But the savior’s hit the snooze bar
And now He’s running late
And traffic is a bitch this time of day

It’s a a hard, hard life
These are dark, dark, times
And when you shine all of your light
They try and make it harder

Factories are condos
The condos are all caves
The caves are filled with all the tools
To use more then we make
It’s a baby boomer bust and burn
A kin for wampum trade
All funny money taken to the grave

It’s a a hard, hard life
These are dark, dark, times
And when you shine all of your light
They try and make it harder

©Albert Del Rio (ASCAP)