Alberto de Almar

Alberto de Almar

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I play modern flamenco solo guitar in the style of Paco de Lucia, and I also play electric guitar ala Steve Vie, and I compose electronica music as well.
I have just launched my own music software Albonimsky ,see a tutorial at


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see my full history by goggling Alberto de Almar, also go to and you will see many songs and below those many at the top expand all to see all.
I have 2 albums on CD baby, Furia ,and Bent Marble, also I played on 5 or more albums with Keiko Matsui, and did a remix with Alicia Keys and another CD on Sharkart Records called Alma Pura with a compilation CD there called Cafe Ibiza, and much more on goggle.

Set List

Original modern flamenco some composed from my albums and other new songs not yet recorded and spontaneous improvised material.