Albert Orgon Quartet

Albert Orgon Quartet


Contemporary jazz, influences from the world and roots goes back Gipsy music..

BÉNÉDICTION - Albert Orgon (voices)
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Albert Orgon
I studied classical music and followed its traditions for many decades. My roots reach back to gipsy culture. Iâ019ve been playing jazz for 20 years and I have been playing together with such artists as Kálmán Oláh, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, Elemér Balázs, János Egri, Árpád Czumo, István Fekete, Tino Gonzales, Jenõ Fekete, Red Halloway, Abbey Lincoln and Zsuzsa Cserháti. Weâ019ve played in several countries and festivals during the recent yearsâ026 Oslo Jazz Festival, Ray Charles Memorial Concert-Palace of Arts, Budapest, Khamoro festival -Prague, Kapolcs Arts valley, Pori Jazz Festival...etc.
The recordings of the last years were: Soft waves-János Egri; Wings â013 Tribute to Hégetõ Honorka; Mirror â013 jazz anthologies and path finding; Tax free - soul and Rmb.
Nowadays Iâ019m interested in the world of folk music. There was a documentary film by Gesine Gewaldt made about the meeting and interrelation of jazz music and gipsy or other cultures, which I would really like to recommend to everybody.
In 2008 International Songwriting Competition granted " Fragments " jazz album, composed by Albert Orgon for distribution in the USA by EMI , joint venture betweewn indie911.record label
The compositions and arrangements created by Albert Orgon and the members of the kvartet hungarian jazz icons like, Balo Istvan( Drecsh Mihaly kvartet), Egri Janos(Trio Midnight), Cseki Kalman( Deutche Gramofon ). The most important details about the members of the kvartet attched.The bests...Albert Orgon
Albert Orgon


wings album( Jazz)
Mirror album ( Jazz)
Fragments..a new album in 2009 (contemporary jazz)