Alberto Tarin Jazzin Reggae

Alberto Tarin Jazzin Reggae


" With Alberto Tarin, one of the best Spanish guitarist of our time, you will experience how naturally jazz flows within the reggae beat. You will enjoy the incredible sensations of this guitar virtuoso who has created an original atmosphere of "Jazzin Reggae" with top musicians and players. "


One of the best known Spanish Guitarist and Hit Artist, Alberto Tarin, with almost 30 years as a musican and composer, keeps on making beautiful music in his original and personal jazz & reggae fusion.

After touring all over the world and hitting the spanish charts in the 90's with his compositions inside the group "Seguridad Social" (3 Spanish Gold awards and 1 Spanish Platinum award), he became internationally reknowned as a soloist, sharing credits with George Benson, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck... in Guitar Music for Small Rooms (Warner Canada 2001 - 8 week in the charts), with his song, Bolero de Luna, which can be listened to and downloaded from these pages.

Always with passionate Latin style, he has been working since 2000 on his unique jazz & reggae creation with highly talented musicians. Jazz classics from great composers(Mancini, Gershwin, Porter,...) giving them a reggae feel, and searching for new horizons with today´s Reggae and Jazz masters (Larry McDonald, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Perico Sambeat,Winston Francis, Dave Barker, Steven Wright, A.J. Franklin, Earl Appleton, Vin Gordon, Derrick Morgan,...) Jazz, Reggae and Soul Music.

Although the regular set is a 5 piece band, Alberto Tarin Jazzin Reggae allows flexibility of performances from a Jazz Trio to a 15 musician orchestra, going from Jazz through to Dub, creating a unique fusion between musical expressions.
Alberto Tarín Jazzin Reggae offers to the listener a new chance to enjoy instrumental music with rythm. Lead by Alberto's guitar, the sound of real music remember us all of the real life.

"Jazzin Reggae" concerts have been playing succesfully in Spain, and now are expanding internationally to share this magical experience with all music lovers. The design of the performance invites one to enjoy various musical sensations around Jazz and Reggae, travelling from Ska and Rocksteady, to the new Jazzin Reggae.

Alberto TARIN and Dave BARKER are working together in a brand new album: Jazz, Soul, Reggae,..coming soon!!!

Alberto Tarín is also working on a new multimedia project "Living Reggae", which includes a live docummentary of interviews and reports filmed on location in Ethiopia, London and Valencia and a video of the live concert "Living Reggae"(Valencia 2006), together with Jamaican artists: Winson Francis, A.J.Franklin, Dave Barker, Steven Wright, Earl Appleton. This project is expected to be completed in May 2007.

El gran guitarrista español Alberto Tarin, con casi 30 años como músico y compositor, nos deleita con su música desde la perspectiva personal: Jazzin Reggae.

Despues de girar por todo el mundo y ser un habitual de las listas de éxitos españolas en los 90 con el grupo "Seguridad Social" (3 discos de oro y 1 de platino), es reconocido internacionalmente como solista, compartiendo créditos con George Benson, Eric Clapton, Santana, Pat Metheny en "Guitar Music for Small Rooms", Warner Canada 2001 (8 semanas en las listas), con su hermosa canción "Bolero de Luna", que puedes descargar aquí.

Siempre con un estilo latino y apasionado, comenza en el año 2000 a desarrollar un concepto unico de fusion entre el jazz y el reggae, primero indagando en Gershwin, Cole Porter, Mancini y los grandes compositores de standards de jazz, dotandoles de sabor reggae, y despues buscando nuevos horizontes con maestros del Jazz y del Reggae (Larry McDonald, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Perico Sambeat, Vin Gordon, Derrick Morgan, Steven Wright, Winston Francis, A.J. Franklin from the Chosen Few, y especialmente Dave Barker, de Dave & Ansell Collins, con el que se encuentra actualmente trabajando en un nuevo disco. Jazz, Reggae, Soul,música caliente!

Aunque la formación Standard se compone de 5 músicos, "Alberto Tarin Jazzin Reggae"puede representar shows desde un trïo a una orquesta de 15 músicos, viajando desde el Jazz al dub, mostrando una fusión única entre diferentes expresiones musicales.

De la mano de la guitarra de Alberto, el sonido de su banda nos recuerda la vida real.


Jah I Pray

Written By: Tarin-Monleon

When things go wrong , nobody cares,
Amongst the crowd but you´re lonely there
You even cry and noone seems to hear,
Lets Give Praise, Give Jah Praise, Oh Yeah,

We all got one, yes one life to live
To join together is our brightest gift,
The love of Music is the Love I bring
Jah I pray, Jah I pray,

With Jah Love you´ll never fall,
he gave this world for us all
We all should live as one,
Thats what I say, when I pray,
Jah I pray

Now this is just a start
Good vibrations from my heart
Thanking for another day
This to Jah I pray
Jah I pray

Beeing oneself is not an easy ride
Jah will always be by your side
He is our protector, he is our guide
Give Jah praise, Yes I pray
Love for one and all, yeah
jah gave us this world
We should all live as one,
with Jah blessins , this I pray,
Jah I pray

Now this is just a start
Good vibrations from my heart
Thanking for another day
This to Jah I pray
Jah I pray
I dont know how you sleep,
when in your wrongs so many weep
when evil thoughts just cloud your mind
feel jah spirit,
break those chains

We've all got one,yes one life to live,
so join together, that s what we need,
the love of Music is the Love I bring,
Jah I pray, Jah I pray

City Runnings

Written By: Tarin-Monleon

I was born, and was raised in the city
But it doesn’t mean, I believe in the system.
As a boy in school, I learned all the teachings
But now i am a man
I think by myself

I give thanks, for the love of my parents,
Yes they taught me to be humble and free,
Yes I know I’ve met people along the way,
How many are friends , at the end of the day.

City Runnigs killing roots
Not overstanding me and you
Changing life for just a game
But you don’t know whom to blame

I know , life its never been easy.
But the richness of man, is worth more than money.
For a few it seems, this will never be enough , oh no
they hold the key
Hold the key to vanity

Changing life for just a game
But you don’t know whom to blame

Yes, I give thanks, for the love of my parents,
Yes they taught me to be humble and free,
As a boy in school, I learned all the teachings
But now i am a man
I think by myself

Charango driver

Written By: monleon tarin

no lyrics


1988 BONGOS ATOMICOS "Bongos Atómicos".
1989 MECANO "Descanso dominical"
1990 JAH MACETAS "Toda una vida"
1991 SEGURIDAD SOCIAL "Que no se extinga la llama"1 Gold Award
1993 SEGURIDAD SOCIAL "Furia Latina" 1 Gold and 1 Platinum Award
1994 RAFA VILLALBA "Chiquetere".
1995 PALABRA DE GUITARRA "Misty" (con Raimundo Amador, Javier Vargas, Joan Bibiloni, Ariel Rot, Joan Bibiloni, Ariel Rot, etc.)
1996 JAH MACETAS con los Naturals en Studio ONE.- recorded at STUDIO ONE MUSIC CITY, NEW YORK,Fulton Street, with Mr. Clement Coxone Dodd.
1996 SEGURIDAD SOCIAL "Compromiso" LIVE Cd 1 Gold Award
1996 SEGURIDAD SOCIAL "De amor" LIVE Cd 1 Gold Award
1997 SEGURIDAD SOCIAL "En la boca del volc�n"
1998 ALBERTO TARIN "Coraje"Warner Music.
1999 LAS CHAMORRO "Llovió el amor" "producer"-
2000 JULIO BUSTAMANTE "La vida habla"
2001 GUITAR MUSIC FOR SMALL ROOMS, Among George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Pat Metheny, Ry Cooder, Jeff Beck, John Williams, Compay Segundo, Gipsy Kings...WARNER CANADA.
2001 LEPANTO ROCKERS "Accio Carme"
2002 ALBERTO TARIN "Jazzin Reggae", with Perico Sambeat. Xuquer Estudios.
2003 ALBERTO TARIN "Jazzin Reggae Showcase Vol.1"Brixton Records.
2003 ALBERTO TARIN "Jazzin Reggae Showcase Vol.2"Brixton Records.
2005 LA CONEXION JAMAICANA (Various Jamican and local artists compilation) Instituto Valenciano de la Música.
2006 "On the road", "Charango mix" songs included in the Soundtrack of the film "La Bicicleta"

Set List

East of the sun
Someone to watch over me
Old devil moon
Days of wine and roses
Bolero de luna
Napoleon solo
Take me back
Citty runnings
Jah I pray
Can�t get tired of loving you
You are my love
Dancin mood
Mr. Fix it
Thank you Lord
You�d be so nice to come home to