Albert Vargas

Albert Vargas

 Miami, Florida, USA


When asked to discuss his music and how it translates to listeners, he summarizes the process as, “making weird faces, whispering out the side of my mouth, saying what’s in my head and listening.” This is Albert Vargas, and Albert Vargas is a wealth of talent manifested effortlessly. Albert spent most of his last 20 plus years in the rich cultural landscape that is Miami, FL. Within that time span he’s developed his singing, songwriting, composing and acoustic talents into a manner that invokes listeners to engage. With poetically composed lyrics and hauntingly delicate falsetto tones laced over acoustic harmonies, Vargas is a refreshing newcomer in an at times tepid musical environment.

Albert never meant to play music, he just happened to have quite a knack for it. In his freshman year of high school he was approached to join a friend’s band in need of a bass player. Vargas didn’t play bass, but he would learn and make it his own. This led to Albert playing with a number of bands across the rock gamut and honing in on his own sound; one to be described as emotionally melodic and nostalgia inducing. His bi-lingual singing/songwriting capabilities have also allowed Vargas to be that much more poetically expressive through song. You can see how a culmination of influences such as his Colombian heritage, musical artists such as Johnny Cash and Elliott Smith, as well as the alternative minds of visual artists such as Ralph Bakshi and Rene Laloux are present in his abstractly intimate compositions.

Vargas’s self-proclaimed search for, "…someone I wasn't even looking for in a place I can't imagine," fuels the cinematic songwriting of his 2010 released EP ‘Love Love Love.’ Every song on the 6-track EP feels like a personal experience, rooted in the basic desires and pains of love. The title track, ‘LoveLoveLove,’ is also the first single off the album. Albert’s somber vocals and guitar, backed by additional instrumentation from the Miami based production team, Mr. Familiar, provide for a rousing song. The track, ‘Alta Mar,’ sung entirely in Spanish, showcases his cultural and artistic diversity to listeners.

Albert's currently working on his next release "Psychadelic Soda Pop"...


Albert Vargas - LoveLoveLove EP

Mr. Familiar - "Dice" ft. Albert Vargas
J.Nics - "Wings" ft. Albert Vargas