Albin Wagener

Albin Wagener




Born in Luxembourg from french and canadian descent, Albin Wagener has been involved in rockbands such as Dawn and Overcast before launching his project under his own name, exploring his love of folk and electronica.

Albin Wagener’s self-described electrofolk delivers a stunning fusion of musical concepts that combine organic robustness and heartfelt ideas with the brainslicing music of tomorrow, Wagener is an artist blazing a swath of daring creativity through the indie music realm.

Wagener also expects equality among the key elements of music. Poor lyrics should not ride the coattails of masterful grooves nor should smart words attempt to distract from weak melodies. “Music and lyrics should fit together as a whole and generate new emotions and thoughts.” Songwriting, in other words, should present a solid phalanx to the listener, music with no chinks in the armor. And that’s exactly what he does.



Written By: Albin Wagener

Life is like a ridiculous circus
And if you don’t get specialized
Into a craft they offer you
You’re left beside everybody

You know how the show works
You know how everybody
Tries to fit into these prepaid schemes
You chose not to participate

Please challenge death again
Death challenges us now
It will not be the first time
It will not be the last

The first time we faced death
We were afraid of what we would find
Maybe a twisted and cruel smile
Or a laughter in a bleeding eye, but no

Death is just a pink pale light
And we know it’s not as cruel as life
She placed her serene hand on our shoulders
She knew we would cross her borders

Please challenge death again
Death challenges us now
It will not be the first time
It will not be the last

The scene is repeating, Sarah
It’s the funny side of life, Sarah
The one that gives you everything
Just when your health is giving up
Feels like we’ve been here before
It’s not pain, just numbness

Smell Of Winter

Written By: Albin Wagener

Let me take your hand
And kiss you in laughter
I will contemplate your smile
Come and sleep over

We will love and disappear
Switch off our cell phones
The world might wait a day or two
Until we break out of this home

Like fresh air in our lungs
Love is still breathing
A cool breeze each time we kiss
Like The sweet smell of winter

Love like a chimney corner
Love like an december sunrise
We’ve been through so much before
Now’s the time to recover

We will slip undercover
And stay close together
We will save the world again
But it starts with feeling

Caresses like soft feathers
Oranges and chocolate
Cheek to cheek, body to body
Cinnamon and gingerbread

Maybe happiness lives right here
In the depth of your blue eyes
Love like pure white snow
Our world like an autumn forest

Downtown Princes

Written By: Albin Wagener

And if i chose to break our hearts
Yes if i chose the stage of pain
It’s just to protect you from my dark part
From the conjectures of my brain
And if i don’t do something now
I know i will make the mistake
To hurt you sooner or later
To hurt you more than today

It’s hurting me more than you
It’s hurting me more than you think
It’s hurting me more than you do

I’m walking on with the downtown princes
Trying to have fun in my tears
Trying to forget our best moments
Emptying glasses to drown my fears
And if i don’t follow my instinct
If i don’t obey to my schemes
I’ll be torn apart sooner or later
I’ll give it all up and lose my temper

Don’t be afraid my love
Love is just a chemical reaction
We’ll be able to handle this
Deep passion is not the solution
It will be alright tomorrow
You will hate me, it will be okay
For you


Smell of Winter EP