Alboa is a fusion band from Canada's west coast: We compose interesting eclectic music that has contrast, dynamics, energy, and pulls from as many different styles as possible: Jazz, Flamenco, Latin, Blues, Funk. With the addition of Flamenco Dance, it is an experience you don't want to miss!


Alboa releases 2nd album

In November, 2009, Alboa released their second album, “Friday’s Child”. The ten new instrumental tracks were recorded in the tranquil environment of Gabriola Island and mixed and mastered at Woodshop Studios. Written and produced by Alboa, the increasingly upbeat “Friday’s Child” builds on the momentum of their first album, “Tarantu”, once again developing a uniquely optimistic texture inspired by Flamenco, Jazz, Funk, and Folk.

Friday’s Child at the Olympics

The title track from “Friday’s Child” was included on customized play lists for the 2010 Olympic Games. It will be played at the Far Coast Café as well as both the Vancouver and Whistler Olympic Villages.

“Equinox” at The Metro

Alboa presented their new musical experience Equinox”, an intimate evening of original music, flamenco dance, local art, lights and images. Ranging from soft melodic moments to intense flamenco grooves, Alboa created an evening to entice and engage the full range of emotions and senses.

The 4-night, full-scale production marked yet another successful collaboration with flamenco dancers Estelle Kurier and Remedios Kirby. The dancers' intensity, intricate footwork and flowing movements adds an entirely new dynamic to the Alboa experience.

Victoria International JazzFest 2009

After a successful first year of recording and performing in 2008, Alboa was invited to open up the Canada Day festivities under sunny skies in Centennial Square as a part of the Victoria International Jazz Festival 2009. They were once again joined by the dancing of Kurier and Kirby.

General Info

Alboa is a fusion band hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. Their music draws influences from several different genres including jazz, blues, funk, folk, flamenco, latin, and classical, creating a sound that is all their own. During a typical Alboa concert you can expect the music to take you in all different directions with groovy danceable beats, intense driving rhythms, soulful ballads, and free improvisation. All four members contribute to the creative musical process when developing new material, each drawing influence from their own musical experiences; Callum with his flamenco-inspired guitar technique, Jonnie's jazz and classically inspired saxophone playing, Blake's emotionally and melodically charged guitar style and Raegan's unrelenting and ever-evolving groove which adapts to almost any style. It is the combination of these four creative minds working together that creates Alboa's unique and eclectic sound.

Alboa's debut album, Tarantu, was released to a sold out audience in November of 2008. A second album is expected to be recorded during the summer of 2009 and likely will be released later in the fall. The CD release party performance also marked Alboa's first collaboration with flamenco dancers Estelle Kurier and Remedios Kirby. The dancers' intensity, intricate footwork and flowing movements adds an entirely new dynamic to the Alboa experience. After the incredible response from the CD release party the partnership has continued for other special events including Alboa's "Instruments of Mass Seduction" Valentine's day performance at the Superior Cafe and a performance at the Victoria International Jazz Festival on Canada day.

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Written By: Only the images in our heads

its like a soundtrack for your evening


Alboa has just release their second album in as many years. The title track, "Friday's Child" was picked up by VANOC 2010 and will be a part of customized play lists for the Olympics. It will be heard at the Far Coast Cafe as well as in the Whistler and Vancouver Olympic Villages.

"Tarantu" our Debut Album. It was picked up by CJAM Radio in Ontario and reached #21 on their Top 30 chart and #10 on the Jazz chart for the week of December 16th, 2008. It has also been played on local Victoria Stations.

Set List

A minor Jim
Jilly Bean
2nd Movement
When you're gone
Samba and Goodnight
Gates of Drumbeg
Ravage Yield
Ducks on a Pond
Calito's Way

Whut the Hail?
The Walkdown
La Marcia
Glory of Morning

plus intrumental jazz tunes: take 5, foot prints, st. james infermary, the list goes on and on...