If Café Tacuba ’s influential 1994 release, Re, is the Sgt.Pepper ’s of Mexican alt-rock (and the band ’s 1999 "Reves/Yo Soy the “White Album ”), then Eureka Sön, the 2003 debut full-length by Monterrey-based quartet Album, might well be the scene ’s Paul ’s Boutique or OK Computer —maybe both.-TONY


Album , the eclectic electronic rock quartet from Mexico, has released three independent albums: “Eureka sön” (2003), “Microbricolages” (2006), and most recently "Album vs Monterrey," which haves the band remixing, reworking and covering songs from independent and commercial acts from their hometown city of Monterrey. Their albums have been amazingly well received by the critics not only in the Mexican Independent scene, but also internationally.

Album´s live act at Austin, TX´s South by Southwest Music Festival was described by the New York Times as: “a galvanizing late night set, Album merged rippling electronic loops and effects with fierce garage-rock rave-ups”.

The experience Album has gathered while touring in Mexico has allowed them to deliver intense, organic performances of the trademark electro-rock sound displayed in their albums.

Their debut album “Eureka sön” has been dubbed “Mexico´s OK Computer or Paul´s Boutique, maybe both” by Time Out New York, and was awarded UM´s Album of the Year in 2004.

Album´s sophomore release “Microbricolages” is already receiving praises from the critics and getting constant airplay in college and rock radio stations. Time Out New York called it “an hour-long barrage of brief, densely constructed gems—none of which sound Mexican in any conventional sense. But the group’s confident, polished appropriation of pop detritus from everywhere and everywhen assures that Microbricolages loses nothing in translation.”

Full exploitation of new media possibilities in all stages of their work has always been part of Album´s means and purpose. Technological progress has considerably downsized the logistic implications of producing, promoting, and distributing a musical project. The consumers have changed, so have the musicians. The Industry doesn´t know what it´s selling anymore. Album is amongst those who believe the Industry needs to reinvent itself in order to find a business model more suitable for this new reality. And they´d like you to join them in discovering what that is.

If you are curious about Album and/or their work. Don´t miss the chance to review the music yourself, visit their webpage . Come on, now. You have nothing to loose, it´s free! What, are you chicken?

Album started rockin in the early 00´s. That´s the truth. When I say this to my otherwise well informed fellow “not-quite-famous-but-critically-acclaimed-indie-band-bio-writers” (we have an office), they stare at me in either horror, dismay or disgust, or some combination thereof. There are many stories and sides to it, but of course, the fact is that I have looked it up in H.J.R. Murray. I have also looked it up in the sources which he cites. This is not an easy task, as the aging pages crumble in my finger tips, but it is not too difficult either, because I believe in me.
All of the sources cited by Murray can be found in the New York Public Library and in similar repositories. Now, based on particular facts discovered by observation and experimentation, this is what we can be sure of:
There's four of them in the band. Two of them are from Monterrey, and two of them are from Veracruz , and they ended up meeting each other through a mutual friend. Some of them had formal musical training, others had played in rock bands since their early teens, some of them got kicked where the sun don´t shine, and that ain´t too cool..
The band started and continues
Album´s original aim was to record music in a wide variety of genres, in five simultaneous musical projects, since they all had contrasting and often conflictive musical backgrounds. But, as the home-recording sessions progressed, the styles and tastes began to fuse. This new soundscape inspired them to start jamming, playing live, and, eventually, they pulled their influences together in a single band and decided to make a formal recording. As formal as recording 24 hours a day in boxer shorts, sleeping on plastic and drinking warm beer can get, anyway.
Album´s releases are available for download at their website ( at no cost. Album believes that music is not necessarily a product, and can be transformed into a powerful promotional tool.
But not only this!! No, no. This so called webpage also allows you to download tons of extra material: live shows, b-sides, ep´s, videos, and a huge variety of schizophrenicly diverse work Album´s generosity knows no boundaries, we´ve known that since 1945 when they single-handedly won World War II for Mexico, but this is ridiculous!
This has allowed the Album´s whole catalogue to be listened worldwide, it instantly spread in them blog things like some kind of Rabbit Casanova, in musical language. That crazy rabbit!
The band is currently touring Mexico and the United States promoting “Microbricolages”, they recently played at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater in New York as part of the Celebrate Mexico Now festival.
Now, for the last time. Go t


Album vs Monterrey (LP) 2007
Debajo de la Avalancha vol.1 (EP) 2007
Microbricolages (LP) 2006
Peligrosos; Se Buscan (EP) 2005
Eureka Sön (LP) 2003
Queda Solo Nada (EP) 2004
Rückwirkungen (EP) 2004
The way the things come (EP) 2004
Great for every day recording (live EP) 2005

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Our set list varies from gig to gig, mainly due to adjusting to the atmosphere and nature of the event. The complete set spans to 40 original songs, ranging from speedy and uptempo, to those 90s rock ballads, or semi hip hop grooves.. We try to add a couple of covers every once in a while, but try to do reinterpretations rather than just the same song...