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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

If Café Tacuba ’s influential 1994 release, Re,is the Sgt.Pepper ’s of Mexican alt-rock
(and the band ’s 1999 "Reves/Yo Soy the “White Album ”), then Eureka Sön,
the 2003 debut full-length by Monterrey-based quartet Album, might well be
the scene ’s Paul ’s Boutique or OK Computer —maybe both.
- Time Out Magazine (ny)

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

"I've no idea what the songs are about, but this is all so interesting and exciting it really doesn't matter.
There's something special happening south of the border and its name is Album." - Demo Universe

"Album @ SXSW review"

"In a galvanizing late night set, Album merged rippling electronic loops and effects
with fierce garage-rock rave-ups"
- New York Times

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

You cannot go wrong with this astonishing piece of music. Album of the Year. -

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

“Well thought out, well assembled, and a lot of fun to listen to...” -

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

Few things does Album let us know about their members or intentions. Their first recording, produced independently, comes in a somber, simple, yet laconic package. A tag indicates it’s origin: Monterrey, that strange plantation of rock musicians. Everything makes us think of a band following in the steps of Sigur Rós, but a profound listen of the tracks in the CD reveals that Album is, not a Nordic band, but a band form the north of Mexico. In Eureka Sön, the lack of production does not prevent the appreciation of eclectic compositions where influences have been fused successfully. The result is a sound that, if it doesn’t shine for its originality, it pleases for its efficiency and accomplishment. After a great start with “Antes,” “Centro,” and “Paracaidas” the LP keeps revealing the band’s interests: refined pop, not absent of ironic moments, that does not fear to toughen up in certain passages. Eureka Sön is a recording with too many songs, which ends up proving the lack of production and composition. A rigid purge, surely, would have aided in leaving another impression. Anyway, just as it was planned, this debut is only a preview of what one of the most promising bands in the country will offer us in the future. - La tempestad

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

” It doesn't matter what language it is, rock is rock… and These guys from Mexico can just straight out jam."

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

“Don't let the Spanish lyrics turn you away from Album, for they are a solid rock band. ” -

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

“Laid-back groove, up-tight dance beats and electronics… a fun little rock record called Eureka Sön.” -

"Album - Eureka Sön LP"

Human and sincere, this LP will surprise you -


Eureka Sön (LP)
Queda Solo Nada (EP)
Rückwirkungen (EP)
The Way Things Come Remixes (EP)
Great for Everyday Recording (Live EP)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Album came together in 2002, formed by long-time friends Roger Camara, Octavio Figueroa,
Leonardo Martinez, and Ricardo Contreras. It began as a project intended to share
and communicate amongst each other with music, and with time, became a possibility to
share it with other people.

The beggining was tough, since the four band members were all songwriters with different
styles and influences. The first attempt was to create a band that functioned as 4
different bands, each in a different musical genre. Yet the chaos did not last long, for
the songs started to blend and get mixed around with each other, like some sort of
evolution, and process of natural selection. The result was the sound of Album; a blend
of electronic beats, rock riffs, synths and warm vocal melodies leading the music on.

1 year later, after more than a year of recording and having played less than 10 shows
"Eureka Sön," their debut cd, came out on a 1000 unit run. The band gave away 500 cds
and has sold out the rest of the 500 cds at a price of less than 2 dollars, whilst it
had also been available for free download from their webpage since less than a month
into its release, for the band believes there is no better way of promoting themselves
than with their own music. The cd has grabbed the attention of artists and music fans
in mexico alike, who have praised it, wether it be with a nice comment or a rave review.

CUrrently Album finished a 6 date mini tour that included opening for Jumbo, one of the
greater bands of alternative rock in mexico, and ended at SXSW in austin, tx.
THe band is now heading out to their home computer to continue recording what will
become their second LP.