Albumen is a three piece noise-Americana band hailing from the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. With 21st century folks songs that are surrounded by the hum of feedback, they embrace the darkness that lurks at the edge of the wilderness.


Albumen formed on April Fools Day, 2005 with some whiskey, a notion of wanting to be a quiet folk band, and some Graham Parsons covers. Things changed very, very quickly. Formed by Andy Ashton, and recent transplant (from Boston) Paul Coleman, Albumen hit the ground running with a backlog of songs from both Paul and Andy. After a few practices, they incorporated a sampler and drum machine to complete their sound. A couple of shows were booked and they were off and running.

Time to record. With about 10 songs in hand, Albumen began to record their first LP, Lake Desolation, in late July of 2005. Through the process, Paul and Andy came to the realization that some of the songs needed a drummer. Andrew Churchman of Pants Yell! was recruited for recording, and Jef Czekaj of Plunge into Death played for a show.

Their first record, Lake Desolation has garnered comparisons to Smog, the Silver Jews, Galaxie 500, early REM (a lot of comparisons to them) and Neil Young. The record is a journey through dark days in rural places. Vultures, ghosts, Civil War battles, and radio-controlled bulls are all fodder for the mill.

Enter Mark. Albumen began the search for a drummer after the completion of Lake Desolation. Sometime in December, the band started playing with Mark Ramirez. Mark brought drumming skills, as well as a bunch of great songs to boot. Not wanting his songs to sit idle, it was agreed that Paul would drum on his songs. A three piece was born.

Next up...more shows and new recordings. Now that they've settled in with Mark, it's time to begin the whole cycle again. Albumen will be playing shows here and there throughout the Summer of 2006, and most likely starting on a new record before the end of the summer.


Lake Desolation - 2006

Has received some college airplay in the Northeast and reviews on various sites/blogs.

Set List

Typical set list is 10-12 songs