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Berlin, Berlin, Germany | SELF

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




? ?e???da? ?a????? (Gr / ???µ??? ?as??e??) ?a? ? Julie Loi (? / ? / ?) ????sa? ?a pe??aµat????ta? µe t? µ??s??? ?a? t?? p???s? t? 2004. To ap?t??esµa ?ta? ?a e?????? ? ‘???µ??? pa?a?s??s?’ µe t??? ?µp?es????st????? st????? d?µ???????ta? ??a µ??ad??? ???: ßa??, ?µ??f? ?a? e????????. ???a? se pe???de?a st?? ??????a ?a? ??????f?sa? t? p??t? t??? ??µp??µ.
?? 2005 Alcalica ?d??sa? t?? a?e???t?t? ‘Photovoltaic records’ ap? t?? ?p??a p??????a? p??te ??µp??µ –se ß??????- d??? t???, a??? ?a? ??µp??µ ap? µ??s????? ?p?? ?? Direct Connection, Sottokan, ??t?µ??? Kangas, ??ß?a? Coma, Underwater Chess.
?ed?µ???? ?t? ? Alcalica ????? t?? pe?????se?? ?? t??p? ????, t??? s??a?t? ?a?e?? ?a pa????? µ??s??? se µ???? µpa????a ?a? µe???a fest?ß??, ?a???ta? p????? f???? ?t?p???? µ??s????? ?a t??? a???????s??? sta show t???. ????? pe???de?se? se p????? e???pa???? p??e??, sta ?a?????a, se ???e ????? t?? ?pe???t???? ????d?? ?a? p???? e??????? ??s??.

- ??te d?µ?????????e t? s?????t?µa ?a? ap? p????? ap?te?e?ta??
?? Alcalica ?e??????a? se ??a ?e???? e??? sp?t??? st? Berlin Mitte. ??t? t? ?e???? ?ta? ??a ?ataf???? ?at? t?? ?e?te?? ?a???sµ?? ???eµ? ?a? e??e ??a s?st?µa DDR t? ?p??? ???s?µ?p????ta? t? ?e?? ????? t?? e???stas??? pa?a????? e????e?a? ap?t?epe t?? pa?et?. ??a? ?d?a?te???, ?est?? ????? ?µp?e?s??. ?e??aµat???µaste µe ????? ?a? ???e??. ? p????a? t?? s?????t?µat?? e??a? ? ?. ?a????? (pe?s??? sa?t????, µpa??aµ?, ?t?aµ?, effects ?a? live mixing) ?a? ? J. Lois (f??? ?a? ?a??µpa). ?p?s?? ?a???µe ?a? t??t? p??s?p? (?ta? µa? ep?t??p??? ta ??????µ??? µa?)

- Alcalica…??? p??????e a?t? t? ???µa?
H f??? µa? Vivian Coma µa? ?d?se t? ???µa, t? ?p??? p??a??? eµp?e?st??e ap? t?? a??a????? µpata??e? ?a? ta a??a??e?d?. ???a? ??a?? ???µa.

- ?? sa? ??t??sa ?a ß??ete «taµp??a» st? µ??s??? sa? p??a ?a ?ta? a?t??
?e? µp??? ?a p? p?? a?????µe se ??p??? e?d?? s???e???µ???. ?p??e? ??p???? ?a t? ???µ?se? bass music ? µe??d?e? t?? ???a??? µe deep vocals/ lyrics ?a? hardware electronics. ??ste???µe p?? d?µ???????µe, tape???? ?a? e???????e?? s????t?te?.

- ????? ???fe? t? µ??s??? ?a? p???? t??? st??????
?µe?? ???f??µe ta ????a, ? µ??s??? µa? ?d??e?..

- ?a? ????????ta? p?? ?? Alcalica e??a? t? p??t?eµa ?e??????? ?a? ??t??????…se p??a ???ssa e??a? ?? st???? sa??
?????? sta Ga????? ?a? sta ?ta????. ?p?s??, sta ????????, Ge?µa???? ?a? ???????.

- ????ta? a???se? t? µ??s??? sa?, a? µ?? ??t??sa? ?a t?? pe??????? ?a ??e?a ??a ta??d?. ?se??? ???a e??a? ? p??? ?µp?e?s?? sa??
?a?, s?????? ?a???µe t? ????? ?a µa? s???de?se? se ??a «ta??d?». ?a? a??se? ?a ta??de???µe se «d?ast?µata» ?a? «st??µata» t?? p?a?µat???t?ta?. ?ts? µp??e?? ?a pe?? p?? ? µ??s??? µa? e??a? ??a «ta??d?». ? p??? t?? ?µp?e?s?? e??a? ? ??sµ??, ?? s?????e? ?a? ?t?d?p?te s?µßa??e? ?a? µp??e? ?a µetaf?aste? se µ??s???.

- ?p? t?? µ???? t??a s??e??as?e? sa?, p??a ?e?????ete?
?a? a??se? ?a s??e??a??µaste µe ?????? ?a???t???e?. ???a? ? ?a??te??? t??p?? ?a µ??e??. ?? ?p?epe ?a d?a?????µe ??p??a ???µata a?t? ?a ?ta?: Vivian Coma, Direct Connection, Michalis Vrettas (Underwater Chess), Baba Zula, Asimetri Apili.

- ???ete p????? s??a???e? ?a? ???ete p????? eµfa??se?? se d??f??a µ??? t?? ??sµ??. ??? ?a pe?????fate a?t? t?? ep????????a? ??? a?t?d?? ? ??sµ?? se a?t? t? µ??ad??? µ??s??? e????sµa?
?a te?e?ta?a ?????a ? a?tap????s? t?? ??sµ?? e??a? p??? ??t???. ?ata?aßa????? pe??ss?te?? t? µ??s??? µa? ???? t?? a??a??? p?? s?µßa????? st?? µ??e? µa?. St? µ??s??? µa? µ???µe ??a t? p?? ?a ?epe??s??µe t??? f?ß??? µa?, ??a t?? a????e???? ?a? ?a p?st????µe st?? d?p?a?? µa?. ? a?a?????s? ap? t? ????? e??a? p???? ded?µ??? ?p?? ?a? a? p?µe. ?? ?a?d??? (?a??? ?a? ta a?t??) t?? a????p?? e??a? p???? a????t? se µ??s???? ????? et???te?.

- ??s????af???, a? ?a? t? ß?????? e??a? pa?e????, p??e? e??a? ?? d???e??? sa??
?? ß?????? ???eta? ap? t? pa?e????, ß??s?eta? st? pa??? ?a? t? s??a?t?µe ?a? st? µ?????. ???a? ??a p??? ?a?? µ?s?: ??e? a?t???, s????t?te? seßast?? ?a? ?µ??f?. ????µe 5 ß?????a ?a? d???e???µe t? ??t?.

- ?p?s??, ??????? p?? ???ete ?a? t? µ??s??? ep??d?s? ta?????, ?t???µa?t??…p?s? e????? e??a? ?a «?t?sete» t? d?µ??????a ??p???? ????? ?a???t?????
???a? e?????. ?e????? f???? ??e???eta? ?a ß??e? ??p???? ???a ?a??? ?a? ?a d?se? ?ate????e??. ???a? ??a p??? ?a?? d???e?µµa ap? t?? p??s?p??? s?? ?ß?ss?.

- ??a st???e?? p?? ?p???e? st? µ??s??? sa? e??a? a?t? t?? pa?ad?s?a??? µ??s????. ?e????, t? e??a? ??a sa? pa??d?s? ?a? p??a ? a????? sa? ?a t?? e?t??ete st?? ??? sa??
? pa??d?s? ??a µa? e??a? a?t? p?? µ???a??µaste ?a? ??s?ast??? d?aµ??f??e? t?? s??e?d?s? t?? ????t???a? t?? a????p???? e?d???: µ??s???, t??f? ?a? ? ????t? t?? a????p?? µa?? µe t? f?s?. ? pa??d?s? ?a??sseta? sta ??tta?? µa? ?a? µ?????eta? st?? ???? ?a? st?? ?????. ? pa??d?s? de? af??? st? pa?e????. ???a? ???ta?? ?a? ??a p??ta e?e??ss?µe??.

- ?a? ??a t? t????…p?? ß??s???µe t??? Alcalica a?t? t?? pe???d? ?a? p??…se 10 ?????a ap? t??a?
Se µ?a pe???d? p??-epa?astat???, ?eµ?t? ad???a ?a? ???? st?? ??????ta. ??? ?a apa?t?se?? ??p???? a?t? t?? e??t?s?… Se 10 ?????a ap? t??a ?a ?p???e? ??a s????? ?a?est??, p???? µ????s? ?a? ???et?? p??eµ?? a????. Ta ?p?????? ?µ?? ?a? d??at?? e?a??a?t????, as?µß?ßast?? ?????p?? ?a? d?se?? ??t?p?a?…??p?? e?e? ?a ß?e?te ?a? eµ??.

??t??a ?a?aµa??? – fuctART #14 - Fuctart


- ALCALICA: La pince-fesse, photovoltaic records 01, 12" EP vinyl, Berlin 2006.
- ALCALICA: INSEKT, photovoltaic records 02, 12"EP vinyl, Berlin 2006.
- ALCALICA/DIRECT CONNECTION: POU PAI, photovoltaic records 03, split 12" EP vinyl, Berlin 2007.
- ALCALICA: Drum'n'Grapes vol.1, photovoltaic records 04, 12" EP vinyl, Berlin 2008.
- ALCALICA/DIRECT CONNECTION: HOLY TREE, photovoltaic records 05, split 12" EP vinyl, Berlin 2009.

other releases:

• Baba Zula (Gecekondu): Le Furêt dans la Forêt en Feu.
Doublemoon recs, Istanbul, 2010.
• Parallel Cat (Konstruct03): Smooth Radio. Konstruct recs,
vinyl, London 2006.
• Loop compilation: Stereo massage, Maidanos. Loop, Athens,
• Fuck copyright: Prends la Bicyclette. Feel my Bass Productions,
• Doublemoon remixed II: Asiklarin Sozukalir Alcalica vs
Baba Zula. Doublemoon recs, Istanbul, 2009.
• Greek Elektro: Blastik. Universal recs, Athens, 2006.

Commissioned Soundtracks:

• Tarantelles by K.Bellan, Paris 2009.
• Mare Nostrum by E. Özgüven & P. Holzer, Istanbul 2007.
Art movies
• le Badinage by A. Merino, Barcelona 2010.
Short films
• Manali Cream by N.Kandola, London 2008.
Comedy film
• Ektos Epoxis by S.Kraounakis, Athens 2011.
Didactic material
• marblecutting machine, Marble Museum Tinos Island 2007.
Live soundtrack performances
• @linka by Kana Teatr, Sczecin 2007 (theatre).
• The Fifth Season by H.Worboys, London 2005 (dance theatre).



Alcalica was born in a berlin cellar in 2005 by a multi-instrumentalist (Leonidas Danezos, Gr/UK) and a singer/poet/painter (Julie Loi, D/I/B). Playful experimentation with broken beats, sounds of every day life, melodies that are swiming in the Mediterranean and lyrics in 5 languages.
Live hardware electronics, Persian santoor, African calimba, Greek baglamas, Greek Juras, deep vocals create a lush emotional rhythmic music experience. Performs only original compositions.
Alcalica travels regularly between Berlin and Mytilini on various musical routes, has played at festivals (Fusion, Aurora, Portello river, Reclaim the beach) and remote places (Vrbovec, Lódz, Kozani).
5 EP vinyl releases.