Retro garage rock swagger, psychedelic dance music.


There’s always been a gap in music, where the few and far between gather to try and create something beyond comprehension. Good music is beyond comprehension, it strikes you down like a bolt of lightning. With influences such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Nine Inch Nails, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd, AlchemistQ has found its unique sound that will turn the band into the next rock legend.

In August 2003, the members of AlchemistQ met through an intricate maze of random musical acquaintances. You can’t help but wonder if destiny had anything to do with the crossing of these paths. The four gather in Pouya's basement studio for sessions involving writing and rewriting. The band is a firm believer in the idea that work is only hard if you don’t enjoy it. In 2005, Sweet & Short was released as Lazy Suzan’s first album. A year later, the single Reborn On Mars (former known as The Alchemist) marked the band’s musical destiny and the band changed its name to AlchemistQ.

2007 was the band’s most successful year, as AlchemistQ has created a great buzz around Toronto and is now expanding to Montreal. The band has gained much recognition at both legendary and trendy local venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern, El Mocambo, Ciao Edie, Smiling Buddha Bar, Andy Poolhall, Revival, Raxx, Savannah Room, and Sneaky Dee’s. AlchemistQ will be playing in Toronto and Montreal during the summer as the band gets ready to release its first album.

AlchemistQ band members:

Alex Crockard-Villa (Vocals and Guitar)
Sebastian Diaz-Molaro (Lead Guitar).
Lavien Lee (Drums)
Pouya Hamidi (Keys)

Contact information:

Lucas Diaz Molaro
Band Manager
416 402 3331


Reborn EP
1. Reborn on Mars
4.Get Up
6.hushabye Blues

Set List

Our sets vary according to the event. We play half hour shows at battle of the bands, and full hour shows at private events. Our local spots are The Smiling Buddha Bar, Horseshoe Tavern, and El Mocambo. We like to mix our tunes with improvised jamming and covers from The Doors, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd.