Alchemy combines elements of rock and roll, jazz, house, trance, and groove-based improvisation. With a sound considered all their own, Alchemy is poised to become a name in the jamband community.


Alchemy is a four-piece band formed in the fall of 2001 in State College, Pennsylvania. The band has been influenced by a wide range of music that has shaped their unique and distinct sound. Alchemy's style exhibits elements of rock and roll, jazz, blues, house, trance, and groove-based improvisation. Their forte is high-energy live performances showcasing an impressive repertoire of original and cover material. Drawing energy from each other and the crowd, Alchemy creates a unique musical experience during every live performance.

The band recently completed their first studio album, "The Elemental Mishap," which includes ten of the band's original compositions. Alchemy has spent the last three years perfecting their sound and building a strong, dedicated fan base primarily in central Pennsylvania. Recently, they have taken their sound to venues in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Erie, Harrisburg, Reading, West Chester, Morgantown WV, and small festivals in the North East. Alchemy has been privileged enough to share the stage with such acts as Brothers Past, Lotus, Dr. Didg, RAQ, The Breakfast, Del McCoury Band, Quagmire Swim Team, The Brakes, The Recipe, and U-melt. With an ever-growing determination to bring their music and the live experience to new levels, Alchemy is poised to become a name in the jamband community.


The Elemental Mishap
1. Midnight Sun
2. Twist Your Head Off
3. The Sheriff's Daughter
4. Testify
5. Mike Myers
6. Santiago
7. Hot Pantz
8. Outta County Kackle
9. Too Deep
10. 25 Steps to the Moon

Set List

Alchemy plays an impressive repertoire of originals (totaling about 35 songs) as well as cover material. Sets usually last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours and generally consist of six to eight songs varying according to improvisation. Covers include anything from Pink Floyd, to Talking Heads, to Frank Zappa.