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Alcian Blue

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Alcian Blue"

Taking its moniker from a chemical dye you might have used in your college chem-istry lab, the Arlington-based quartet has spent its quiet five-year existence cooking up some very loud guitar ambiance, proudly emulating the likes of My Bloody Val-entine, Ride and the Cocteau Twins. Now, with a small catalogue of self-released singles and EPs under its belt, Alcian Blue is starting to send bigger chills through the local music circuit.

Thursday’s performance was no exception. When singer-guitarist Jake Reid recited the bellowing refrain to “Everyday Is Fall” over an icy rinse of guitars bathed in cavernous reverb, it felt a lot more like winter. Guitarist Sam Chintha, bassist Matt Welch and keyboardist Kim Dodd each added layers to the band’s profuse sound-scape — all four members stoically blasting along to a drum machine’s unrelenting jabs.

t’s hard to imagine the band interfacing as well with the imperfections of a living, breathing drummer, especially when songs such as “Angelica Take Me Down” and “You Just Disappear” spliced shimmering electronic high-hats to sheets of guitar din so handsomely.

-Chris Richards - Washington Post

"Alcian Blue"

"Like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive before them, Alcian Blue massage their guitar tones past the point of recognition, creating walls of sound that must be taken as a whole; only at ultra-intense volumes can listeners discern all of the details. But loud or not, it is hard to escape one simple fact: Alcian Blue makes compelling and appealing music, whose crossover potential may introduce many people to an entirely new genre of music."

-Chris Connelly - On Tap Magazine

"3 Stars Review"

"From the Ian Curtis vocals, wandering, but subdued, to the Cure-like melodies, to the shoegazing, spiritualized wall of guitar and synth, the constituent parts of the music were familiar. Alcian Blue can play, and if the influences are clear, it doesn’t make them less satisfying. Days after the performance, DCist continued to hear echoes of the band’s songs in our heads...Alcian Blue is an aural joy."

-Ryan Avent -

"Tasty Zine Blurb"

“Think Slowdive. Think 1991. You know the score... Wonderful.”

—Tasty/London - Tasty

"Hope for Music"

"Alcian Blue make melodically driving songs that both takes us back and make us happy for the future of music."

-Washington City Paper - Washington City Paper


Slow Colorless Stare (LP) 2001 Safranin Sound
Angelica Take Me Down (single) 2003 Safranin Sound
Translucent (EP) 2004 Safranin Sound
Silvers Sleep Walk (single) 2004 Safranin Sound
Fall Behind (EP) 2005 Safranin Sound
You Just Disappear (Single) 2005 Safranin Sound
Self-Titled (LP) 2006 Elephant Stone Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Alcian Blue were faced with a lot of change in 2005. Having been around for almost five years making records in their basement and developing an underground fan base both locally and globally, the sudden departure of their drummer left them wondering what the future held for what many call DC’s loudest rock band.

It was right at this time Alcian started writing a batch of new songs with heavy drum machine beats and walls of synths and guitars. Not too far off from the typical Alcian style, the new sound presented a fresh perspective and groundwork for exploration.

Now it’s 2006, Alcian Blue have just signed to Elephant Stone Records and finished their full length due out in May. Mastered by DC legend Archie Moore (Velocity Girl/Black Tambourine), the record is filled with walls of feedback, heavy riffs, and swirling atmospheres of sound.

If their records aren’t loud enough, head to one of their shows and see why the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine & Slowdive aren’t due to the music but the sheer volume in which they present their dark ominous sound.