Alcian Blue

Alcian Blue


Mixing the dark melodic sounds of early 80's post punk with layers of noise and guitar feedback from the shoegaze era. Comparisons include, Jesus & Mary Chain, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, early Cure and New Order.


Alcian Blue were faced with a lot of change in 2005. Having been around for almost five years making records in their basement and developing an underground fan base both locally and globally, the sudden departure of their drummer left them wondering what the future held for what many call DC’s loudest rock band.

It was right at this time Alcian started writing a batch of new songs with heavy drum machine beats and walls of synths and guitars. Not too far off from the typical Alcian style, the new sound presented a fresh perspective and groundwork for exploration.

Now it’s 2006, Alcian Blue have just signed to Elephant Stone Records and finished their full length due out in May. Mastered by DC legend Archie Moore (Velocity Girl/Black Tambourine), the record is filled with walls of feedback, heavy riffs, and swirling atmospheres of sound.

If their records aren’t loud enough, head to one of their shows and see why the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine & Slowdive aren’t due to the music but the sheer volume in which they present their dark ominous sound.


Slow Colorless Stare (LP) 2001 Safranin Sound
Angelica Take Me Down (single) 2003 Safranin Sound
Translucent (EP) 2004 Safranin Sound
Silvers Sleep Walk (single) 2004 Safranin Sound
Fall Behind (EP) 2005 Safranin Sound
You Just Disappear (Single) 2005 Safranin Sound
Self-Titled (LP) 2006 Elephant Stone Records

Set List

Our last set:
Horizons, Fall Behind, You Just Disappear, 71705, This Day This Age, Angelica Take Me Down, Terminal Escape

Set Time: 30-35 Minutes
Covers: The Cure "A Strange Day", Slowdive "Joy"