We're a band realizes it's a garage band and then just runs with it - Think Crazy Horse backing Neil Young. Except, now it's 2009 and we can draw from tons of other influences to create our own, new sound.


Along with the rest of the country in these strange times, Alcotone is facing its fears and experiencing a re-birth. For four years the band was strictly in-studio, writing and recording while developing a philosophy and working process that would build the group into what it has become today: a halfway decent garage band. With the addition of new players (on drums and piano) and a dedication to refocusing their attention to creating a live show worth hearing and shaping a redefined sound based on a more structured instrumentation, the group has never been stronger or sounded better.


We've recorded three full length records: "X" (2005), "The Duke" (2006), and "NO EQ" wich is our newest record. They're all available to hear and purchase on our website - and a fourth record is on the way.

Set List

We started playing live early this year after spending about four years recording and not even considering playing out. Now we've got probably forty songs to draw from so putting a set together is an interesting way to see which songs really pass the muster. Here's a typical setlist:
1. Grenadine
2. Squeezed
3. Caterpillar
4. Good Morning
5. Ducks
6. Bullfighter
7. Strike up the Band
8. Vivid in the Light
9. Time
10. Pop Culture
11. Peace, Baby
12. Au Revior