Al DeCosey

Al DeCosey


My name is Al DeCosey and I am a Singer-songwriter specializing in Soulful R&B and pop music. As an artist, honesty is important to me as I'm passionate about music and my motive is genuine. I want people to connect to and have a real experience with music.


There used to be a time when music reflected the times and was considered to be the voice of the people. Whether it was your story or someone else’s story, it was told in such an honest way, that anyone could identify with it. As times have changed, music has gotten less honest and honesty has been sacrificed for profitability, giving way to mediocre music by marginal talent that people feel less and less connected to. Going against the grain is Al DeCosey, a singer-songwriter whose music exudes the honesty and realness that people have been looking for in music. Having drawn comparisons to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Eric Benet, and singer Joe, it’s Al’s tone, delivery, and writing style that has helped him craft a sound that is uniquely all his own. His new album Love 360, delves into the many varying degrees of Love. With Ballads, Slow Jams and Mid-Tempo grooves as the backdrop, it’s a beautiful display of musicianship coupled with warm harmonies and lush vocal arrangements that deliver a real smooth dose of contemporary R&B.

Originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania - a small college town nestled in a valley in the Appalachian Mountains, Al was raised in a single parent home with three other siblings. Due to the fact that his mother was a singer, he was submerged in music all throughout his childhood and adolescent years. As early as 5 he was singing and taking Piano lessons. When he was 10, he had written his first song and he had started being hired for singing engagements at Weddings and other functions by the time he was 13. He tried his hand at other instruments besides the Piano, such as the Cello and Trumpet, but his love and passion for singing and songwriting continued to grow and flourish. By the time he was a teenager, word began to spread about his talent and he had become known in the local community for singing, often being asked to perform at community and church related functions and programs. During high school, he joined an all male R&B group that sang at many school functions, pep rallies, local talent shows, and holiday programs. They too had become locally known but the group was short lived and disbanded.

Unsure of his future and direction after high school, Al graduated but decided to relocate to Newark, NJ. Shortly after, he enrolled in College and took an entry level position at a plastics company and his focus shifted to work and school. Despite his new responsibilities, Al got plugged in and stayed connected to the local music scene there. He started performing at open mics, showcases, talent shows and singing with various local groups. He continued writing songs and started collaborating with other writers and producers, however work began to dominate. The promotions started to come, and with the promotions came more money and responsibility. Within 5 years, he had worked his way up from an entry level position to a top management position. However, despite all of his success, he realized he was lacking fulfillment and began to evaluate his direction and goals. His personal assessment brought him back to his passion and love for music. With music now centered back into his focus, Al decided that it was time to change directions, take a chance, and dive back into music.

By most people’s standards, Al had reached the pinnacle of success in the corporate world. In less than a decade, he had worked his way up the corporate ladder from the bottom. His decision to leave the comfort, good graces, and security of such a stable position in the midst of a recession, has proven to definitely be a risky one. That coupled with the fact that the music industry is experiencing one of the most turbulent and challenging times it has ever seen, ups the ante as well. But his passion and love for music sees nothing but the opportunities that still exist for artists to have a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of the people that their music speaks to. Today’s popular music, in most cases has lost that. Al explains, “People are looking for music that is passionate and real, that speaks directly to them in a very honest and authentic way.”

The goal with creating Love 360, as he describes it, “Was to create music that is real, from the heart, and timeless.” “Music that will be a part of people’s collections, that no matter when you pick it up, will still be relevant.” His lead single “Happy” is an infectious groove that audiences are falling in love with. Fans have described the song as “real” and “a throwback joint with a fresh sound.” The song is about looking for love, finally finding it and being happy. But listeners are immediately drawn in by the passionate and vulnerable “Lonely” which is about a man coming to terms with and being able to express his feelings about a love lost, albeit too late because she’s gone. That’s followed by “Wrong Love” which is a smokin’ hot R&B joint with an unexpected rock twist to it, compliments of a



Written By: Al DeCosey

Verse 1

People say when love is right you’ll know deep inside, you won’t have to second guess
By judgin’ from the way that I feel, finally love is right, I’ve been waitin’ all my life for it.


Finally I found, found a real love I’ve been searchin for (I’ve been searchin for)
She makes me happy, really really truly happy, she takes good care of me, she’s the love of my life.

Verse 2

I’m letting the past go, ready to move on, nothing’s gonna stand in the way of my happiness.
I’m fully dedicated to this love, this kind of love only comes along once in a lifetime.


Finally I found, found a real love I’ve been searchin for (I’ve been searchin for)
She makes me happy, really. really truly happy, she takes good care of me, she’s the love of my life.


For the first time in my life, I have found someone who really loves me.
She promised that she’d never leave, said that she would always be, with me til death do us part.


Vulnerable - Limited Edition, EP
Love 360

Set List

I prefer to perform with my band, however I am prepared to perform with tracks as well. My set list includes the songs Happy, Lonely, Wrong Love, and others as to be determined depending on the type of show or booking and time available for my set. I try to work with promoters and booking agents to come up with a show that everyone is happy with and that meets the expectations and needs of their clientele. I perform my original material but I like to work covers in there as well as it's a point of reference for people who've never heard of me or my music.