Aldenbarton is a piano-rock band from New Hampshire by way of Queens NY. The music is tuneful and melodic, and full of hooks. Expect to hear rhythmic shifts, key changes, and harmonious ooohs, and ahhhs.


When Andrew St. Aubin moved to New York in the summer of 2004, he had a picture in his mind of what he wanted his new world to look like. He’d come of age in New Hampshire on the fringe an accidental music scene; playing in The Princeton Reverbs Colonial, he recorded his first album with The Olivia Tremor Control’s Bill Doss. Athens was no more home than Vegas had been, and California beckoned with promises of sunny new musical projects that were eclectic but scattered. Enter the cacophony of millions: people cramming into train cars at rush hour, prancing down streets singing to themselves, heading alone to crowded bars in the hopes of speaking to one another. St. Aubin’s streamlined notions of New York life began to adapt to the city’s cleverly orchestrated sense of loneliness. While looking for fellow musicians to play with, he sat at his piano and created melodic puzzle pieces, trying to figure out how they would fit together. He began to play solo shows under the name Aldenbarton, using a guitar or keyboard and a backing track to fill in the musical blanks. Eventually, people connect, puzzle pieces begin to fit together, and New York’s individualism gives way to a sense of shared space. The end result is Exodus of the Eldest, a mini-album centered around the strangeness of our everyday lives. As Aldenbarton, St. Aubin captures the sense of displacement between grown and growing siblings, the irreversibility of one’s upbringing, and the explosion of feeling that comes from seeing your favorite band live for the first and final time. Even the simple act of waiting for the morning train is captured here in jubilant song. The result pairs elegant harmonies with rowdy drumrolls, raucous pianos with irresistible melodies, and the general feeling that every ordinary moment is characterized by its unpredictability. These songs change course when you least expect them to, but the path they follow is simply pop at its finest. In a city full of musicians, full of the business of music, and full of its critics, Aldenbarton is a purveyor of the idea that at base, “simply pop” is the best thing we can hope for


"Exodus of the Eldest" EP released by The Granite State Recording Co.(Tunecore) in Nov. 08' and available nearly everywhere digital music is sold.

Set List

Set lists vary and can accommodate any time slot. Covers work their way in and out of our set.