Aldo Garcia

Aldo Garcia


Aldo Garcia plays a mix of instruments that creates a magical and mystical sound with roots in the mexican carribean and influences from around the globe.


In 1993, while travelling in the "Selva Maya" Aldo Garcia stepped on a land mine. During an arduous evacuation to medical care Aldo experienced an awakening. From this day forward his life and music has been touched by the jungle and its spirits. Now nestled in a mango grove in the state of Veracruz, Aldo (with his irish wife Nuala and 2 daughters) near the village of Jalcomulco Aldo releases his creativity in his paintings and his music.
Apart from his mystical influences Aldo's music has been profoudly influenced by Daniel Lanois, and Brazil's Olodum and Toto La Momposino from Colombia.
What sets Aldo and his music apart is the unique blend of international instruments to make a true "world music" sound. With pre-columbian instruments and an Irish pipe Aldo's music is a unique blend of cumbia, samba, and reggae.


Corazon De jade (LP)
Siboney (LP)
Los Santos (LP) in be released in June.

Set List

Mazunte (with Irish pipe)
Donde Estas
Corazon de Jade (with pre-columbian intro)
Dime me
Deja vu (with didgeeridoo)
Corazones rotos (with slide guitar)
Sombras de color (with birembao)
Verte por alli (with balaphon)
pensando en que (with Irish pipe)
Plus 4 songs with voice and drums (cumbias)

No covers all songs written and performed by Aldo Garcia.