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Written By: Aldo Vettese

Riding the streetcar on Queen's Quay
I see orange sails filed by a breeze
Baseball fans rushing towards the dome
It feels so good to be back home

The golden orange prairie skies
Glow like embers at sunrise
And when I think of English Bay
The sunset scene takes my breath away

Still there's nothing like your hometown
Strolling in High Park and Greektown
No matter how far away I roam
I'm glad to call Toronto home

Toronto, where on an autumn day
The fall colors are on display
Leaves of Red gold and other hues
Will undoubtedly cure your blues

Toronto, which welcomes everyone
Yellow, red, brown, black and white
There's a place for you in the sun
Here you can't help but feel alright

On the steps of old city hall
A red haired girl in a brace
Says that if we work together
this will be an even better place

Ashbridges Bay in moonlight
And fireworks on a summer night\
Is something you don't wanna miss
Unforgettable like your first kiss

You can go skating in the square
Or sip an espresso on Saint Clair
Or relax on a patio
There's a lot to do in T.O.

Toronto, where on a summer's day
You can take your sweetheart to the Ex
Eat Tiny Toms to your heart's delight
And watch the big wheel shine at night

Toronto, where on a winter's day
You can watch the Leafs or Raptors play
Or see the Crystal at the Rom
The dinosaurs won't do you harm

The science centre and the zoo
Are places that will dazzle you
Or climb the Tower for a view
That stretches to Kalamazoo

You can when the sun is shining
Take the ferry to the island
White sails are blowing in the breeze
A kodak moment that's sure to please

Performing at Yonge Dundas Square
A girl sings Amazing Grace
and says that if we fight despair
This will be an even better place

I've been to Rome, Prague and Cape Town
Still there's no place like your home town
No matter how far away I roam
I'm glad to call Toronto home

It's time to jump up and celebrate
And thank T.O. for being great
Already this town's out of sight
And the future looks just as bright

Girls and boys
Let's make some noise
one seven five in two thousand nine
How can you help but not feel fine