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A Leaf

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Folk


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"A Leaf transcends time, place and cynicism"

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Spreading it around
A Leaf transcends time, place and cynicism
By Rev. Adam McKinney on July 23, 2009

A Leaf is a band that produces the kind of hushed folk rock that’s made for lazy summer days sleeping in the park. Dreamy vocal harmonies slip in and out and about the dulcet guitar strums, shuffling drums and piano flutters. Most of their songs meander along pleasantly, and as you listen your heart rate slows almost to a crawl, falling in rhythm with the gentle breeze under the summer sun. It’s the stuff that instantly triggers cynicism in the hearts of music snobs. But the band is nothing if not sincere.

“We feel that music is what we’ve been given and we feel like it’s the only thing we have to give,” I’m told by bandleaders Shannon Donahue and Nate Daley. “We want to spread it around.”

They’ve been playing music together since they were kids, and as I speak to them on a conference call, it’s not hard to sense their excitement over the possible release of their first album. A fund-raising show is to be held this weekend at Donahue’s Tacoma home to collect the necessary capital for the venture and the band will also play this Friday at The New Frontier Lounge. In a surprisingly entrepreneurial move, they’ve decided to sell one percent shares of their album’s profits.

The band is confident in their music.

“We feel like this is the most honest, spiritual, most ‘us’ music we’ve made,” says Daley.

They’re not cocky; they just honestly believe in their music—a shambling, honeyed kind of beauty that transcends time and place and cynicism. It manages to find that delicate balance somewhere between sweet and hokey, pushing sincerity to the edge and pulling back at the last moment. It would mean the world to A Leaf for you to show up in support of their fund-raiser. If you play your cards right, you could even become a shareholder and own a little bit of loveliness. - The Volcano


... Think of A Leaf as an audio chill room: a sonic escape from all the noisy garage and indie I've been enjoying lately. A Leaf's gorgeous mix of Summer of Love melodies and dreamy vocal harmonies transported us to a gently semi-psychedelic place. I'm in love with this band. - The Volcano

"Your Chance to Check out the Peabody Waldrof's New Home"

Your Chance to Check out the Peabody Waldrof's New Home
January 14, 2011 at 10:41 AM | by Jackie F

"The hippest live music venue in Tacoma" is throwing an all ages show this Saturday. Featured in January's issue, the Peabody Waldrof, is one of the top live music venues in Tacoma. Reading these lines any true music lover, who has somehow missed past performances, would make it a point to come take a gander. This line-up will further verify the Peabody's secret to success.

Headlining the show is A Leaf Jr., with a Beatlesque feel that resonates through-out their tunes. The Beatles are an obvious influence on their sound, in addition to, The Zombies, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, and among the them, Steve Martin stand-up, Wes Anderson films and Ralph Waldo Emerson....Huh? Things that make you go hmmmm. Undoubtedly this intriguing influences on their music will transfer into a compelling performance on stage. How could it not? - City Arts


A Leaf the EP 2011


A Leaf (self titled Lp) 2012




In July of 2012 A Leaf released their debut full length LP. Five restless souls, inhabiting 20-something bodies, play music together around the west coast area and it is called A Leaf.

First and foremost in their endeavors comes the music. the seemingly calculated image and subtle swagger are merely who these boys are naturally. A Leaf has been labeled indie rock, melodic, ethereal, spiritual, “Expanding the parameters of modern folk psychedelia,” (Shannon Donahue). But at the heart of A Leaf lies timeless songs, soul-bleeding guitar work, a solid rhythm section, and image giving lyrics drenched in harmonies.

Daley and Donahue grew up together and began writing music as kids. They planted some glam-rock/punk rock roots along with Bridges in a band when they were teens. They became friends with drummer Demuth while living in Los Angeles. They then all moved back to Washington, added Wambem on bass and A Leaf was realized circa 2010. In addition to being pretty nice guys, A Leaf creates music with a vibe that you won’t know you wanted to dwell in eternally until you hear it and feel it.
N.L. Edwin
July 2012

"Drawing inspiration from the British folk-rock of the '60s and '70s, as well as the more bombastic elements of Britpop - and occasional dips into dream-pop territory - A Leaf's music is absorbing and soothing, while still carving out moments that surprise and delight in equal measure. This is music fit for listening to on a sunny spring drive, or alone, in a darkened room, as rain steadily raps on your windows. A Leaf is a band fully formed, clear of intent and vision..."

- Rev. Adam McKinney