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"Dayton Band Playoffs: Mountain Screamer, Stump and the Alec Delphenich Trio"

"By Don Thrasher

Contributing Writer

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

...The Alec Delphenich Trio, rounded out by Matt Seskevics (drums) and David VanOverloop (bass), closed out the evening with a set of stylized acoustic rock. Delphenich was all smiles and nimble fingers as he led his new group through its paces. Seskevics and VanOverloop responded with confidence and obvious joy, providing a solid backdrop to the songs.

The trio stuck to structured songs, for the most part, but Delphenich did step out occasionally for an expansive guitar solo. Guitarist Evan Davell of Orange Willard joined the group at the end of the set for several rocking songs that put a nice cap on the evening.

With only one more show to go in the first round — the Wednesday, July 16 showdown between Savant, A Familiar Encounter and Sol — the majority of the 16 bands moving on to the next round have been determined. With the turnout Sunday, there's a good chance Mountain Screamer, Stump and Alec Delphenich Trio could all move on in the playoffs." - Active Dayton

"DBP round two begins Wednesday"

By Kris Neises | Saturday, July 19, 2008, 10:06 AM

Round two is when the Dayton Band Playoffs really get interesting and dramatic. Every show is a head-to-head battle between two bands. With one band being eliminated at the end of each night.

The 16 bands with the most overall votes from round one have made it into round two. Round two begins Wednesday, July 23rd at Canal Street Tavern.

The standings from the first round were announced this week and are posted on the bar’s website

The top five are: 1.The Joose Box 2. Alec Delphenich Trio 3. Dangerously Hot 4. Magic Jackson 5. Oxymoronatron.

So now the question is, who will win?

Can The Joose Box, a Ben Folds meets the Arctic Monkeys piano-duo, keep momentum in round two and win the Playoffs?

Or, will the robot-power of Oxymoronatron prevail?

And do not count out the Alec Delphenich Trio who went very deep in the playoffs last year boasting a smooth Jack Johnson style.

Remember in round two bands are required to play two sets which may pose a problem for young bands. In round two (and all rounds) fans determine the winners each night. So it pays to support your favorite local bands.

Click the comments and tell me who you think will win the 2008 Dayton Band Playoffs at Canal Street Tavern. Let the trash talking begin.

Upcoming DBP dates: Wednesday, July 23rd - Oxymoronatron vs White Pongo. Thursday, July 24th - The Joose Box vs Goodfoot. Sunday, July 27th - Alec Delphenich Trio vs Stump. -

"Local Artist Spotlight - Alec Delphenich"

Post by: Billy@MostMetro on July 10, 2008, 03:12:04 pm

In an effort to get better connected with local music, I recently listened to a couple of songs by Alec Delphenich - a musician based in Dayton who records and performs both solo as well as with his group - the Alec Delphenich Trio. I liked them enough to actually buy a cd from him through CD Baby (


His music is ultra-mellow - mostly just him singing over a single acoustic guitar. Obvious influences are Jack Johnson and especially John Mayer... if you like those two then you will dig Alec. You can listen to some of his stuff on his myspace ( and purevolume ( And his official website is (

This is our first Local Artist Spotlight, and I hope to write more in the near future. In the mean time, EVERYBODY is invited to write their own Local Artist Spotlight post, so if there is a local artist or group that you really like, let us all know about it. -

"Dayton Band Playoffs Round Two: Alec Delphenich Trio vs. S.O.L."

By Don Thrasher

Contributing Writer

Friday, August 01, 2008

Acoustic rock act the Alec Delphenich Trio garnered more votes than groove rockers S.O.L. in the second round of the 25th annual Dayton Band Playoffs at Canal Street Tavern on Sunday, July 27.

S.O.L. is a promising band, trafficking in a mix of funk, reggae, hip-hop, blues and more. Unfortunately, Shawn Spivey (vocals, percussion), Greg Clem (guitar), Kirk Klinger (bass), Pierce (keyboards), Dan Scott (drums) and Jim Gallagher (trumpet) are a relatively new group and just don't have the audience draw to seriously compete with an act like the Alec Delphenich Trio.

Delphenich (guitar, vocals) — backed by his father, Dennis Delphenich (bass), and Matt Seskeviks (drums) — made his way through two sets of stylized folk rock originals that fall somewhere between the Dave Matthews Band and Jack Johnson. The trio, the second leading vote-getter of the second round, has the material and skill to finish toward the top of the playoffs if it can continue to draw big crowds.

The Alec Delphenich Trio moves on to a third-round show on Wednesday, Aug. 20, to square off against the winner of the Aug. 6 showdown between Six Cloves and Atticus Loud.

For more info: -

"Round 4: Alec Delphenich Trio vs. Magic Jackson"

By Don Thrasher

Contributing Writer

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Dayton Band Playoffs at Canal Street Tavern is technically a battle of the bands. And despite the competitive nature of these types of events, this summer's 25th annual installment of the contest was short on animosity and ill will between participating bands.

That was never more evident than Thursday, Sept. 4, when The Alec Delphenich Trio met Magic Jackson in a fourth-round showdown. Both bands gave shout-outs and kind words of encouragement to their competitors from the stage and musicians interacted between sets. Eric Geise and Josh Eckley of The Joose Box were in the house to check out their potential competition in the Sept. 20 finals, and they were obviously having fun as they danced, laughed and showed their support for the bands.

The Alec Delphenich Trio came out to compete Thursday night, presenting two solid sets of original songs and a handful of covers. Delphenich (guitar, vocals) opened the night with solo versions of songs by Feist and Ari Hest before trading his acoustic guitar for an electric lap steel and kicking into a back porch blues lament. Halfway through the song, the young guitarist was joined on stage by his father, Dennis Delphenich (bass), and Matt Seskeviks (drums), who transformed the song into a honky-tonk blowout.

The trio touches on blues at times but a few more numbers like this would be a nice balance to the group's lighter songs. Delphenich and band continued to push a diverse agenda throughout the night, from acoustic pop and blues to folk rock, with Delphenich alternating between amplified acoustic guitar and several electric guitars to fit each song.

Seskevics had a few timing issues in the second set, but he's a powerhouse drummer who brings some muscle to the trio's polished folk rock sound. The elder Delphenich, a veteran of the local scene, is a monster on the bass, but he keeps himself reigned in for the most part, which fits the material. He is content to lay back and let his talented son shine. The younger Delphenich is a congenial frontman, joking with the audience between songs and flashing his infectious smile as his fingers maneuvered up and down the fretboard.

The trio was the second leading vote-getter of the first round and continued to draw good crowds throughout the contest. However Delphenich and crew was unable to attract the crowd they needed this evening, losing to Magic Jackson by 15 votes.

Magic Jackson has certainly been one of the pleasant surprises of the 25th annual Dayton Band Playoffs. The group had only been together for three weeks when it performed in the first round on July 2, but that wasn't a hindrance in the music department or in its ability to build a growing fan base over the summer.

Musicians Nathan Lewis (vocals, guitar), Jeff May (vocals, guitar), Mike McKewen (bass) and Justin Moore (drums) have worked together in other projects in the past and were able to gel quickly over a danceable mix of solo-heavy rock, dark funk and electric blues. The quartet started out solid and has only grown throughout the summer-long competition. The two sets on Thursday, Sept. 4 were some of the finest Magic Jackson has put in during the playoffs.

The group took the stage for its first set at 10:15 p.m. and launched into the first of many twin-guitar workouts. Lewis balks at the term jam band, and these guys aren't a hippy outfit at all, but the group's tasty extended guitar solos certainly appeals to fans of that genre. The rest of the night was a groove-driven showcase of talent, mixing originals like "Meat Finger" and "Buried Alive" with high octane covers of Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression" and Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground."

The crowds for the second sets are notoriously smaller than the earlier sets, and this night followed a similar patter. However, Magic Jackson managed to keep more people around than many playoff competitors, with a dozen or so folks remaining on the dance floor to take in the quartet's sleazy funk.

Both bands put forth valiant efforts that evening but like all competitions, only one act can move on to further action. This night it was Magic Jackson, which advances to the final round showdown at Canal Street Tavern on Sept. 20, where the group squares off against The Joose Box. -


- Three Lights (2003)
- The Taylor Sessions EP (2005)

Alec Delphenich Trio:
- Live EP (2007)



At the ripe, young age of twenty-two, Alec Delphenich has begun to make his mark on the world as a talented songwriter and musician. Music was introduced to him at an early age and has long since played a major role in his life.

In late 2003, "Three Lights" was recorded in the young artist's bedroom. This gritty, independent release highlights more than Alec's guitar and voice. The songs "Four Months" and "Why I Laughed" feature other instruments such as alto saxaphone, flute, and djembe.

When all of his homework and chores are done, Alec gets to turn his focus back towards his music. Soon he plans to have released a second album as well as an EP with the trio he is a part of, the Alec Delphenich Trio.

With all of life's uncertainties, he will always have six strings, a piece of paper, and a pen to go back to at the end of each day.


The Alec Delphenich Trio was formed in 2006. With a sound that breaks the typical Dayton mold, their combination of acoustic, blues, and rock has people talking. Their relaxed improvisatory style and thought-provoking lyrics make this a group that appeals to many different audiences. From soulful ballads to upbeat jams, ADT continually offers an innovative and enjoyable sound.

Matt Seskevics...

is currently a percussion major at Wright State University and has played in numerous ensembles around Ohio. He has also put much time into composing pieces for high school marching bands as well as directing their drumlines.

Bass Players...

As a band we have probably spent more time teaching bass players our music than anything else. Since 2006 we have had four bassist. These include Jake Garnet, Jim Rohrer, and David VanOverloop. Currently Dennis Delphenich is filling the spot until we can get a hopefully more permanent bass player.