Alec Eiffel

Alec Eiffel


Alec Eiffel makes intimate, emotive and honest music in a modern folk tradition. As a songwriter, he is at times quirky and literate, and elsewhere frankly personal and disarming. His music is inspired by such standard-bearers as Will Oldham, Neil Young, Cat Power, M Ward and Glenn Richards.


We start in 1889. A name steeped in culture and history, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was a rather stuffy French civil engineer, who, in his prime, knocked off a couple of monuments including the Eiffel Tower, Panama Canal and the internal structure of the Statue of Liberty.

Cut to 1991. Black Francis (aka Charles Thompson, Frank Black) digs up a little history while sightseeing and Alec Eiffel becomes a song on the Pixies’ final album, Trompe Le Monde. (“Pioneer of aerodynamics, little Eiffel, little Eiffel.”)

Cut to 2006. Folk ballads, swinging pop declarations and countrified laments are pouring from the very being of our troubled troubadour, Australian songwriter Piers Twomey. He needs a name to call his own. Alec Eiffel fits like an old shirt he always had but rarely wore.

Cut to 1981. Young Alec and his family leave the safety and comfort of a cap-gun childhood in the UK and Europe. They head to Sydney to get some sun. Favourite song: Only the Lonely by Roy Orbison.

Cut to 1987. Time to move again, this time Boston, Massachusetts is the destination. Alec is turned on to guitars, middle school, pot and girls in tight jumpers. Life is never the same. His first band is called Languid Walrus. Favourite song: Uncle John’s Band by the Grateful Dead.

Cut to 1990. Back to Sydney to finish school and grow up as best he can. More playing in bands. Less snow. Favourite song: I Bleed by the Pixies.


Alec grew up on a steady parental diet of Ray Davies, Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly. He’s since enjoyed several epiphanies with the discovery of artists like Tom Waits, Bert Jansch and Will Oldham. He also counts artists such as Teenage Fanclub, Neil Young and The Magnetic Fields among his very favourites.

Alec Eiffel is currently recording his debut album at new studio the Anthouse in Chippendale, Sydney. Instruments on the songs include finger picked acoustic guitar, trumpet, synth, tack piano, cello, glockenspiel, saxophone, slide guitar, bells and chains. Alec sings about perfect love, broken glass, memory crimes, suitcases, crows and motor dreams. Go see him, he’s good. Favourite song: To Ramona by Bob Dylan.


Perfect Union

Written By: Alec Eiffel

My name is isolation
A window wraps around
Your name is destination
Can I find a way inside?

I'll work for next to nothing
I'll face the fear that's on your mind
We'll make a perfect union
We'll bring the fallen back alive

My name is complication
No simple voice inside
Your name is constellation
Now switch on your Northern Lights

I'll work for next to nothing
I'll take those worries from your mind
We'll make a perfect union
We'll bring the fallen back alive
Alive, we'll bring the fallen back alive

Your name is inspiration
You made our worlds collide
This is a celebration
No-one knows what's yours and mine

We worked for next to nothing
We faced the fear that's on our minds
We made a perfect union
We brought the fallen back alive
Alive, we brought the fallen back alive
Alive, we brought the fallen back alive, alive.


Perfect Union single released as promo-only radio release in July 2006.

Set List

A typical Alec Eiffel performance can run from 30 mins to 1 hour, including from 8 to 15 songs. Alec occassionally covers Syd Barrett, Neil Young and the Hidden Cameras.